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  1. Over the past 24 hours, $ 15.7 million has been spent through applications built on the Tron network. Next is EOS at $ 11.7 million, Ethereum at $ 10.1 million and Steem at $ 11,800.
  2. this market is crazy I don't think it's impossible 🙂 it can go down to 3 or 4k it's very normal
  3. Yes, but some exchanges still require KYC when withdrawing money to be extremely low
  4. They find different ways to mine some miners with google cloud and have a good profit
  5. everything is risky when you accept investment be prepared psychologically lose everything
  6. Sure, there's nothing in this world for free if you don't work
  7. For many, the main benefit of Bitcoin is its independence from the political world, banking institutions and corporations.
  8. more shit exchange more shitcoin and more scam project . so i think bad
  9. Поэтому считаю к трейдингу нужно подходить с холодной головой. Испытывая Фомо, можно влететь на хаях и получить потом приличный убыток. А считать упущенные иксы - пусть такое останется просто как опыт, из которого нужно будет сделать определенные выводы.
  10. lozfel123

    Electroneum mining

    Everyone has their own habits, for example my friend has a habit of playing on the phone after waking up, and I have a habit of reading books before going to sleep. This habit may have been formed since I was young; my mother read me bedtime stories every night when I was not able to read. They could be fairy tales, parables, poems or lyrics. When I started reading well, my mother let me read my favorite books myself
  11. i think it only happened for a short time
  12. But that's also something we can refer to. i think it is also good choose trick
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