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  1. There are many top locales which are best for exchanging trading, not many of them are Coinbase, Bitrex, yobit, Binance and so on these are the best trade destinations and you can exchange with these easily however recall the choices are yours and you will contact the achievement on the off chance that you use sound judgment and on the off chance that you are relaxing, at that point you will look with troublesome circumstances as this is exchanging and not a simple work.
  2. i am very new to trading and would like to learn how to trade ...not sure where to start ... any suggestions would be very helpful ... whats the best way to get the knowledge in this field ? thank you
  3. Hi I want to as is it possible to buy bitcoins by paypal and don't get ban from them? I have to charge my faucet but I don't have bitcoins to do it and I stuck.
  4. It's normal to drop the price after first listing because of early investors like private sell, pre private sell and pre ico. Also, bounty hunters wants to get some quick cash, but most of the drop comes from early investor. Recovering the price may take up to one year, but if it do not start increasing after one year of listing, you should give a second look in the projects, what's going on, communicate with team and other investors.
  5. im still hodling because there's no other choices.but since it is in very critical condition i'm not expecting any high profits on it. Wherein at least 2x is enough for me and in fact i got this coin only from airdrops and ICO project by participating on thier sig cam so I'll be thankful even though it makes small profits for me .
  6. Well, there's no such thing as trading platform for beginner it's better if you look for an exchange in which you can easily be familiar an exchange in where you can easily understand how to bid, ask, buy, sell, etc. but if you're going to ask me what exchange site is the best i would say that. The best exchange for me is an exchange that is offering a high security, stable reputation, low exchange and transferring fee. Well this is just according to my own criteria, here are some known exchange sites in the cryptocurrency industry: - yobit - Bittrex - Binance - Coinbase You can make your own research regarding the best exchange. To answer your question "can i make good profit per month with this amount?" well it all depends in you, in what coin you're going to invest, a strategy you can make. But we have a saying in cryptocurrency trading "The more you invest, the higher the profit."
  7. All relies upon the sum you need to began exchanging with for I accept that you can begin exchanging with as low as 100,000 satoshi however in my very own case I began exchanging digital currency with 2 million satoshi which I later made a huge benefit from the exchanging and am glad to state that anyplace. Furthermore, The 2 million satoshi was what earned from taking part in mark crusade.
  8. purchase great alts and hold. I'm contributed where I need to be until further notice, so I'm not going to make any significant moves except if I discover something new or new thoughts, icos, or whatever.
  9. shams

    Where is investors?

    They are sitting tight for the better economic situations. It is consistent, that individuals would prefer not to put resources into ICOs, in light of the fact that in 2018, 70 percent of ICOs are not arriving at the delicate top. What's more, provided that this is true, another 20 percent are going down, when they are recorded on an awful trade. It is extremely elusive another 10 percent of fruitful ICOs. Simply hold up till the market recoups. Pretty much every ICO will gather its hard top.
  10. It sucks to lose cash, I see, however accept this as an exercise learned. You ought not put resources into ICOs, they are outright tricks. ICOs are easy money scams for the "organizers". They are not intended to profit, they are intended to profit. A great deal of these ICOs that have great ideas are on a very basic level actually defective in their structure. A great deal of ICO financial specialists aren't extremely acquainted with how Blockchains really work, so they get hoodwinked by these guarantees that the ICO's make. The ICO's can never convey on their guarantees. I mean take a gander at EOS, it seemed like the best thing on the planet before the mainnet went live, and take a gander at the dumpster fire it is currently. ICO's are just intended to profit.
  11. It's a Very Struggling time for Cryptocurrencies. The Market Goes down approx 10 to 15 Percent from past weeks. Bitcoin Drop down $8k, On the other Hand, Ethereum goes down $173.
  12. I don't have the foggiest idea how frequently it occurs, yet costs do go beneath the ICO cost. A larger part of the time it happens due to siphoning and dumping. Individuals will amass and get some coin at modest rates, particularly new coins, and when the value climbs a tad, they will dump the majority of their coins. What's more, truly, coins do skirt the ICO arrange. Many individuals see the ICO arrange as verification that a coin is a trick and accept that genuine engineers would not ICO. In actuality, some view an ICO as important to get a coin some presentation and use.
  13. shams

    Where is investors?

    a decent idea isn't the primary concern for financial specialists to save their cash for the ICO, yet the advancement of the ICO they consider, the advantages to be picked up and the value forecasts that will rise available, in this way, there are a great deal of speculators' contemplations to contribute
  14. shams

    Trading or HOLD

    Hodling is the best alternative for me.Although I have day exchange too before. However, I simply like to have a consistent salary and not concentrate on my exchanging vocation as I have a vocation outside of crypto's. Be that as it may, in the event that you simply need to feel how to be a dealer, I encourage you to attempt it with limited quantity and perceive how it goes for you. Hodling wipes out the cerebral pains and dissatisfaction also that measure of cash you could conceivable lost since it's extremely hazardous.
  15. You see a ton of work and news since first numerous ICOs are picking ethereum which can siphon up the worth and put ethereum into situation to be one of the broadly utilized crypto. On the off chance that you switch there good karma, I don't see ethereum dumping hard in not so distant future as so far venture looks splendid. Ethereum isn't the main task with great advancement - you ought to have this as a top priority, however it has a ton of supporters and possibly it's locale may be in second spot in the event that we state btc is first as far as what number of individuals are attacked. Be that as it may, it cerntanly isn't the main undertaking in the field of dApps and brilliant agreements, simply initial one to be received by many.
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