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  1. Don't go to such games I hate these kind of crypto games now because I've lost a lot of money in gambling. Initially, I wanted to make money fast and people offered to do it, but I lost all my money
  2. I'm not too keen on exchanging bitcoin with PayPal. I don't really care about it, I think it's not a good exchange, it's not sustainable, and that Meadz has a high transaction cost
  3. My attitude is about satoshi nakamoto like most users so he has to be a mystery, there can be a group or team behind blockchain technology and bitcoin. He is very professional and of course properties
  4. My experience is that mining is only for those who are able to buy powerful minerals and have enough money to pay for them, I think many tend to trade and gambling is the worst way to earn money.
  5. I am very lucky and I first invested in Lisa, then I play and then xvg, what game is up to everyone to learn and predict it is important for Learning
  6. It is a pity that such a thing. Hearing this is very sad and makes you lose your money because sending the encryption to the wrong address cannot be refunded and will not be returned.
  7. Bitcoin has crossed the $ 10,000 mark today, but has a one-week drop in prices. Be very careful about buying and selling.
  8. It's very clear that the future of cryptocurrencies is bright and growing, next year brings good news for cryptocurrency traders, and I'm looking forward to earning high profits.
  9. The first step to protecting information is you should always avoid doing as much as you can for exchanges or anything else, because you have no idea what they are doing or wanting information.
  10. It's tough, but you can make $ 20 a day from Bitcoin. But you have to invest in bitcoin, so you can get that amount in a matter of months
  11. This will reduce the loss if the price drops and make the sales order active. Therefore, the OCO tool, although simple, has strong applications and is very useful in guaranteeing profit and reducing risks and keeping a close eye on it.
  12. When it's a good time to make money, the Cryptotalk community pays us a great deal. I think this is the right time for profitability and your knowledge will grow
  13. This is great for me I think this is a useful site I could count on. But each site seems to be different and should be treated differently
  14. There are some solid reviews Always use decentralized wallets and I think hardware wallets are best for our security and protection, and you need to have a private key in a safe place and we can also use trusted online wallets. do. But the risk of hacking is high
  15. Blockchain is very secure in the world Maybe there is no corruption in the world and everyone can control their money flow. Trading is easy and there is no middleman involved in any of the transactions, but I think when this happens there are still disadvantages and we have to be careful
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