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  1. It is impossible to reverse a Bitcoin transaction. Because it is not under anyone's control. It sends you to the wrong address but forget your money. And this is the biggest disadvantage of bitcoin because once the transaction is done it is not reversed.thank you bro.
  2. Bitcoin has possibly seen a shift in public perception. There have been fewer negative articles about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and the news stories that are negative no longer have as big of an impact as they once did.thank you.
  3. i reason no problem you are fine crypto currencies are being paid enhance day by day and extensive companies are heartbreaking in the responsibility therefore near are bundle of likelihood in 2025.thanks bro
  4. You can get any updates and currency information in this forum.Coinmarketcap is the best website for getting all cryptocurrency information.thanks
  5. I think in actuality Governments today are increasingly more open to blockchains activities and controllers are starting to adjust their standards to crypto resources as opposed to just confining it for Against Illegal tax avoidance laws.thanks bro
  6. i think that there is no calling number for Cryptocurrency but you can contact with your wallet contact system and with this you can know about your query.thank you
  7. if we choose the Crypto as payment then we can pay easily in time. Because Crypto can send within short time also without any fees. So we can choose this option I also use Crypto sometimes for payment.thanks brother
  8. i have seen in youtube many peoples claiming as inventor of bitcoin. but how is it possible. i really think many time that these peoples have some problem.thanks brother
  9. I think they are many reasons why posts are not counted on uobesity, which is because you wrote informative and constructive posts or maybe it's not good quality, and ultimately it can't get up to thirty posts a day, so it seems like a lot of experiments, maybe just those posts Not necessary, they will be deleted.thank you
  10. The simplest thing is to be extremely careful and attentive, following the person you are dealing with, because a cheater can distance yourself if you follow him carefully.thanks brother
  11. it is a very good and important thing to be a community and group. So you are pointing a very good topic about the crypto world and let us see what say others for this community.thanks brother
  12. I think if you need to secure your crypto, you will find a good or credible wallet. All you need is Beacuse to secure your crypto. So I hope everyone should know about his wallet first.thanks brother.
  13. if you are not afraid to take risks, you should choose bitcoin. In fact, you can get high profits in bitcoins compared to gold, but this is risky than investing in gold. If you want to have a stable profit, then go for gold.thanks bro
  14. i don't think sleep is better, nowadays there are many ways to earn money. Try it. Well research on the internet is there. Easy-to-earn websites and apps.thank you brother.
  15. i think Invest a lot of money because of high risk but after a while trading and I can use it then I start to increase my investment and of course, I face high risk but I'm sure I'm willing to wait for as long as I can and for the right moment.thanks bro
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