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  1. i have no any idea about such sites and no any information about such sites legit or not. i will try to use this and earn more money through this way.
  2. There is no any fake coins on the yobit exchange because this site more legit and no other place for the fake cins. its trusted sites for tradings and earn more profit.
  3. I prefer to chose the eth or altcoin for the best coins in future. These coin giveore profit in tradins.
  4. i mostly invest in eth becuse it is has more value than altcoins. It give more ptofit and feature to the trader in trading. I rely on the eth and earn more money.
  5. shafi123

    Trading Tips

    You should follow the rule and regulation of trading investment and earn more money by this. I chose the best thing in trading show patience and not become a greedy perain and earn more profit in holding. Before strating stratgies you make a plan.
  6. There is no limited of withdrawl amount. If you draw money at any time but few days ago some problem found and not making withdraw or transaction.
  7. It ia not possible to dismissed your blance from the yobit exchange. It is trusted site in which we make any investment and trade. Your balnce not steal any one but hacker and scammers hack your wallet and steal yours money.
  8. It is best post for every one. Al rules here and follow them to trading and investing.
  9. I think bitrex and yobitis the best exchanges which having best features and give most oppertunity to the user to invest in coins of different.
  10. I did not use this feature of yobit exchanges. I not heard about this debit card or credit card withdrwal the transaction .
  11. I did not use this because i am not acre about this. I learn about this what things for use this. Some say that it is use for the transaction of money to oyher wallet.
  12. shafi123

    Yobit Withdrawal

    Just you make any withdraw or make transactions at any time whenvyou click online.
  13. No any mining sites which be accumulated the yobit exchanges and not sure to development the crypot exchanges. So i think it is ormur.
  14. Yes invest box paid more payment when make imtrading throuh the investbox in different coins or pairs of coins.
  15. This is best post for the trader which use the yobit exchanges and invest in coins to get more profit. I choose tehe xrp and bitcoin both are the best coins in which any trader get more income and make easy invest.
  16. I did not know about the exact date of joining on the yobit exchange. I still remember that i joined in 2017 and work on this.
  17. With drwaing fees is differe on the different exchanges like yobit exchangesm has 10 to 12 dallors when you withdraw the monwy. But binance is best ecxchanges having slow feea.
  18. I do not know about that give reputation like me. Because they give me reputation likes my post contents helpfull for them.
  19. It is information topic in get free coins hut i not yet received fre coins and paymnet. If you make claim the payment prof?
  20. It is the highest ranking currency of the digital currency.i think rise in the bitcoin then rises in other coins prices
  21. shafi123

    Buy BTC

    Now it is the best time for buying the bitcoin because now bitcoin price go down day by day.
  22. Yes stoshi namkato is the creator of bitcoin because i heard about this more on this plateforum and search on the google.
  23. Yes you make money by the investing in trading and avail the profit. I suggest the more trading skills to earn more money.
  24. Yes this is informative post for every one and get benefiacial stratgy and lead the become tader to success.
  25. Yes it make good things because it paid some things. So i love gameing purpose but most time spend more. So gaming gain cryptocurrency reputation.
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