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  1. Yes with learing on ths crypto world and earn free money. I am new here and earn free money by in this way.
  2. I did not know how to delte a crypto talk account and fully removed from the plateforum. I have no idea about this topics.
  3. I like this section more because crypro talk provide knowledge and learning about trading skills. I like also exchamges in which i make investment.
  4. No i can not joined this plate forum now days. I joined few week ago and i learn more on this plateforum.
  5. I am facing this problem but now its working is proprely normal. Few mintue thia measge appear and not proceed to comment
  6. Crypto talk working is soo easy and learn best money by in few hours. I learn about crypto currencies and get money in wallet. I prefer work more and make coin. I get 30000 staoshi per day.
  7. No i not have any experience about this exchange and i heard now about its bad or good. I laways yobit exchange fod transaction purpose.
  8. I have not any more experience on the yobit exchanges. I made this account in only 5 mintue and join the crypto world through the crypto campagin. Now i store coins in this as wallet. In future now i trade through this.
  9. The main purpose of yobit exchange to store your earning coins and second purpose is that make any trade through the invest box. On this platefourm you sold and buy coins. And get some free coins.
  10. Every sites required the maintance and need update after few month. So yobit also fullfil these feature to maintain.
  11. It is depend upon you. If you think or know it is worth currency and make money double so you can invest.first you check price chart first in crypto marekt.
  12. I ma new here and not know about any withdraw form the exchange. I learn how to withdraw money from the wallet.
  13. No i can not bilieve this trading because iit not provide more profit than holding trade. One day trading is not successfull trader.
  14. Become a good trader you must learn more and more about crypto world. In order to became a best trader you must follow the patience in holding coins
  15. Yes it can be did you make any transaction in any wallet of yobit account. Copy paste the wallet address make shure it bcorrect.
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