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  1. I think if you create multiple accounts with the same IP, it's very wrong because admins and moderators trying to exclude the numberof sit-ins, if you do, you may stop better or your account may be banned...
  2. CryptoTalk Forum is a new forum that deals with cryptocurrency from the latest important news on the blockchain platform, currency and content and the market. How to earn from the CryptoForum: Register to the YoBit Platform Register in the CryptoForum (you must register the same mail you registered for the UA) forum stoic content and comments for posts......
  3. I think.... Cryptobecause If you post 1 content on Cryptotalk, it will already be added to your content count and will never disappear. Your post is even counted on the cryptok it is deleted....
  4. Also, it's easier to comment and help others if you need something to help you create a topic that can be deleted. I didn't really say anything about the deletion and I really don't know why their posts will always be deleted but I won't be deleted.
  5. I think an ideal for chatting together with a current information section, the website is able to pretend many of the current information at the time it is my opinion, except when the main moderator will place different ideas at the present time information division
  6. Sometimes when my reply quotes someone and it comes in different languages, at first I thought the editor had translated the text with the intention, but I've encountered it several times from different people, so I figured it could be a bug.
  7. They don't have anything to do with it because it's just a ranking and a competition only gives a certain standard and trophy. Leaderboard only for the highest number of posts and activities to show the highest number of users.
  8. This is the primary issue we should consider and what we understand and what we should know in the light. You are very obliged to do this very useful article. This is a higher way of communicating your feelings about the effect and the spread of a ballot and a point. For me, the noman's pleasure is that sooner or later they like me though...
  9. They create a bonus pool and voting system for popular posts on the daily basis. The more popular posts the more post-fame will be rewarded. This will create more creativity and less spamming.
  10. Crypto currency has an efficient set and its marketing is excellent, as it develops constantly. Opinions are very clever in crypto marketing, which is proven by the success of the members of the date beyond my expectations.
  11. I agree with you that cryptotalk has become an alternative to a good marketing proven every time I search for news in Google Search about various information about cryptocryptocurrency in google. Yes, it seems that some native languages are needed for the influential users to be added to the password forum.
  12. I didn't read the rules before I posted and I also posted referral links so that moderators could delete my post. But now I read all the things and I post without any violation of the rules so now only a few posts are deleted a day.
  13. It is true that the post of anyone who works according to tips will not be deleted because most of us respond to spam issues that are not useful to the organization and we also post most of the content that is already in the forum. So we have to take care of it....
  14. Yes this beautiful forum has many interesting features among them. I love their payment system features. They're very good at money. So I had a lot of fun working here.....
  15. I heard from some. Among my friends, if someone in Crypto is intended to open multiple accounts or multiple accounts it can be suspected and it can get banned from the site. So, you should not open a number of accounts from the same IP address.
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