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  1. I can invest I on hardware wallet like trazor. I will just keep it on the wallet and access it with virus free computer anytime I want to man transactions.
  2. I do not receive alert likewise you will not. Just go to Tobit pay by posts to check your earning and press send to balance.
  3. Trading can make you Ric but you have to draw out your strategies before trading. Like me, i prefer six months to trade which is very less risky.
  4. It is a waste of time for many traders while some but few gain trading it. They gain today and lose tomorrow is all I noticed.
  5. You can convert to dash. Bit I will advise you not to at this time. You can try to convert to bitcoin cash now.
  6. I can not gamble at all. You will win today and lose tomorrow. You will borrow to gamble and still lose and become addicted to it. Trading g is better far better.
  7. Bitcoin is strong and can not reduce to less than $150 billion marketcap. So, how can billion become zero, I do not think it is possible.
  8. The first profit i got was when I traded litecoin. People do say it but I did not believe until I tried bit out. It is true as people said it is good for trading.
  9. Buying at two or more different market. You will go for the best. It can multiply your gain. It is still better to use it to trade than the normal trading.
  10. People are losing because they are not getting things right. If a trader is greedy why won't him lose. If a trader is not patient why won't him lose also.
  11. Trading is not easy. In fact, it is very difficult. It require books to read to know the secretes of trading. You can get these books free online.
  12. The loss in short term trading is with just a day. Most trade a day to win or lose. Short term trading is not for everyone at all.
  13. It you buy after the price rise and you lose, you will surely lose because the price is already high and will reduce.
  14. If I lose and I invest again. I will be thinking of not to lose bit if I lose I will simply stop investing again.
  15. I am not a day trader. I was before a day trader but it I not easy out there at all. So, I leave day trading. I prefer OK there trading lime to invest.
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