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  1. Choosing a coin is very important. Choosing the right coin is the start of a good trade.
  2. I hope this coin to be good coin. To be a coin someone can invest. I can only invest on few of coins lime bitcoin and litecoin.
  3. The best is not to be ignorant. Once you ate not ignorant and have good knowledge about what you are doing you will earn and gain more knowledge.
  4. I will use the time machine to be there richest in the world. I will go to past and tan all the gold the present world.
  5. It is not not that risky. Litecoin is one of the best coins to trade both short and long term trade. I have really traded the coin and they are good for making money.
  6. Dash has growing 300 this year but I do not have coins. The market cap is small to bitcoin and makes it increase easily as few people buy it.
  7. Using tho website to earn money is good. We earn bitcoin easily. We connect to yobit and we are paid bitcoin into our yobit account.
  8. If you keep your passwords safe will help you. Using reputable exchanges will Al's help.
  9. No coin before bitcoin the apply blockchain. But there can be other coins with another development then but only blockchain succeed.
  10. If you want to get profit you can try the yobit investbox to make you double your earning in months or before the month end.
  11. The best way to promote crypto is by social media and YouTube. I know crypto from Facebook
  12. Telegram is not a safe social media for cryptocurrencies. We shi be very watchful and careful with telegram to avoid scams.
  13. I have collected bitcoin and i still have plan to collect more. I will post and earn and I will obey the rules.
  14. Bitcoin is really crashing. The price is now less $9700. It I still show in the sign that it will further crash.
  15. I loss on gambling. I lose in trading too. They are risky. Gambling is polite but gambling is not polite at all. I was unable to tell people about the gamble.
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