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  1. Здравствуйте! Расскажу, как я начинал с криптовалюты. Это был 2016 год, я узнал от друга об бирже YOBIT и их инструменте LIZA. В то время я даже не знал о существовании BTC. Оценив все очень хорошо, я вложил 2000 долларов в проект LIZA, могу сказать, что это были очень нервные месяцы. Но этот риск окупился, я очень хорошо заработал на LIZA. Сейчас торгую в основном на платформе YOBIT. А как ты начал? Расскажи свою историю!
  2. Hey. Why is this trading platform more advantageous than others? I like YOBIT more, for example, because they have tools like invest box or minex. I also see some advantages in BNB, because YO shows more real growth and support of the exchange! Therefore, I would like your opinion, why is BINANCE better than an exchange?
  3. Hey. You can trade cryptocurrency and increase your funds. But you can not only stop at BTC, there are also a number of promising coins!
  4. This happens often. But this is most likely to receive messages and receive an airdrop for messages. I advise you not to pay attention to such people, because it is not clear what they think at all!
  5. Hey. I have not seen such a product, but I can only guess - that this is a hoax! They cheat you, nobody will pay you cryptocurrency for just playing games!
  6. Hey. very happy. Since now the cryptocurrency market is only gaining momentum and the audience, when a lot of people want to have cryptocurrency, I will already have a fortune and I will be the best at understanding it. Therefore, I think that whoever is in the crypto world now wins over the rest!
  7. Hey. useful information for beginners! Also analyze the risks of investing your funds. Read news affecting the exchange rate.
  8. good article. Sometimes it is useful to learn about a way to make money without investments, especially for beginners who want to participate in the world of cryptocurrency
  9. Hey. good article. There are indeed a lot of scammers, and very clever scams. Never provide any data to strangers! And never open any files from unfamiliar contacts!
  10. Hey. It is really good when people exchange their opinions, but first of all you need to make decisions yourself! But I will tell you my opinion, I think that XRP will show itself very well for a long time, because now it costs very little and growth should be inevitable!
  11. Hey. Thank you for the information, very useful information. Could you show an example of this candlestick?
  12. screwed up. Didn't know about the existence of such sites or this type of earnings. Can you write what kind of sites they are, what you need to do there to receive funds and how much money can you earn there?
  13. Thanks for the information, I think this is a very useful article for saving your funds. People, be careful and don't run into scammers!
  14. Hey. Thanks for the info. You wrote here about 3 sites, and indicated 1 site. I think it will be useful for many to find out such sites and get a jokhod from this if the conditions are met.
  15. I don't quite agree with you! If you have a lot of funds, then you can trade on, for example, BTC where there is such strong volatility, but earning X5 or even X2 there is very difficult, only for a long time. But if you want to have X5 or more, then yes, you should invest in risky assets. And investing in risky assets is a risk, but as they say - who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne!
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