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  1. Yes we need to have other source of income like real and permanent job because we don't know if bitcoin will last forever. So we consider only earning money in bitcoin as a secondary income only not a primary source of income.
  2. Did you finish the required posts here which is 100 posts? If your are not finish to do it then You will not get any payment from your posts. You need to do it first before you can start to earn bitcoin from your posts. 30 is the maximum post per day here if you finish the 100 posts. 1k satoshis per posts.
  3. Earning in faucets are always low amount only. So if you want to collect free coins from it then you make sure that you have a lot of patience so that you will not bored to do it. Faucets are good because it is free and anyone can join it.
  4. The first rule for every beginner is to make 100 constructive posts because it is required here for every new account. After that you can make a posts with earning. Don't make a copy pasted posts to not getting warning points from admin or your account will not become banned.
  5. Every member here need to always follow the rules and regulations to earn bitcoin well and not facing any problems here. Yes every posts have at least 100 characters to not get a deletion from their posts.
  6. If you are a beginner ,you experience hardship before you make money, just like in this forum. The challenge for every beginner here is to make 100 posts with no income before starting to make a posts with payment. But after you accomplished the challenge you will be happy because everyday you can earn 0.0003 bitcoin if you finish the daily task or 30 posts because every posts is 0.00001 btc.
  7. You made an informative and useful posts for everyone. Yes,we need to make a posts that have a minimum 100 characters to avoid having a deletion from our posts. And of course we need to follow and understand every rules here so that our accounts are always safe.
  8. I think don't try to make multiple accounts or using multiple accounts in one IP address only because there is a big chance that all your accounts will be banned by moderator. Using multiple accounts with one IP address is strictly prohibited here so don't do it if you want your account always safe.
  9. I preferred bitcoin,because many people said and prove that bitcoin is good to use for investing and easy to buy and sell. It is more profitable than other coins. It has a huge volume and expensive price and potential to grow in the future.
  10. I have a plan to grow my earning here in yobit but because I need to provide my daily needs I sell it quickly in xrp coin and converted it into fiat money. But maybe someday I will continue my plan so taht I can get profit if the price of bitcoin pump up.
  11. Bitcointalk is the other site that trusted, proven, and legit site which give a high payment of bitcoin through posting also but the rules there is strict so you need to be careful always to make a posts so that your account will not be banned.
  12. Some members here are give bad reputations to others for their self interest and for revenging only which is not unfair to others. So I suggest that better to report immediately to the admin if you see a spammed posts than to give him a bad reputation so that the admin will take an action for it.
  13. Welcome to this site mate and i can say that you are in a right site choice because here your gain a lot of knowledge about crypto and you can earn bitcoin by posting. Every beginner here need to follow the rules and regulations here to earn bitcoin. So keep making a useful posts so that you will not get warning points from moderator or your account will not be banned.
  14. I agree with your suggestion, this is a friendly site so we need to make a posts that can help other members here especially beginners to understand well what is every topic mean.
  15. Some newbies want to finish the required posts quickly, so that there is a time that they forgot and broke the the rules here in forum that's why most of them get warning points from moderator and worst some account become banned. The only in their mind is to finish the 100 posts and to start earning bitcoin.
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