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  1. Проверила по радару у нас в Украине таких банкоматов еще нет. Но если бы даже были я бы не обменивала там монеты. Мне в ондайн режиме быстрее и удобнее. Зачем еще ходить куда то.
  2. Money is not guaranteed in gambling, like you could win or lose but for most people who gambles its often the latter, we mostly need luck than skills in gambling so we can't be sure if we will gain or lose money.
  3. Trading any amount is your own wish, no one can stop you. But don't invest all your capital. Know the type of altcoins you want to trade. Trying to do little research before investing.
  4. I think compering exchanger is not good at all. Because these 2 exchanger have 2 different rules and bad thing, good thing. yobit is a exchanger that add coin easily but in binance is so hard.yobit btc withdraw fee is high but binance withdrawal fee is lower than yobit.yobit have investbox. use exchanger that is easier for you.don't compare which is best exchanger.
  5. I think it may be bad or good but it depends on how you do it, it's important to know first about mining before actually do it and learn techniques and also patience and effort because there is such no easy money.
  6. We just attempted to locate this within the ms store as well as does not seem. Perhaps it is away or even I am searching within the incorrect location... anyhow, We do not shed a lot with regard to attempting. However, right now, I am pleased with my personal laptop computer miner.
  7. I am using Enjin wallet in my mobile. And I am very happy to its features. It is easy to use. It has a XPUB adresses. And you can pick the transaction fee manually.
  8. I prefer Bitcoin. I think the price is suitable to buy on condition that the purchase is gradual. Whenever the price of batcon falls, I buy a little until the price rises. good luck
  9. you can try hotbit or yobit. i usually use them to sell and buy any crypto coins/ token. transaction is almost instant. you don't need KYC, and the fees is small. also you can withdraw small balance.
  10. Sometimes I think people don't see bitcoin as anything other than means of payment. It's not quite right. People need to understand the entire point of the blockchain
  11. I will rather convert mine to stable coin. I don't have a strong heart and it might end off affecting me internally but once I see my balance I will have a peace of mine and take off when Bitcoin is back on track
  12. All these altcoins are good and maybe will go up in the future, but right now we see the altcoins with very very good value in the market like bitcoins, ethereum I think at the moment just these two altcoins can be profitable and stable better than others.
  13. The price changes because there are different things going on in the world related to bitcoin. One government says something good/bad, one exchange becomes a scam, one person gets caught selling illegal stuff with bitcoin and so on. The price is determined by this kind of things.
  14. I am using Enjin wallet in my mobile. And I am very happy to its features. It is easy to use. It has a XPUB adresses. And you can pick the transaction fee manually.
  15. Advice In every speculative market, there are always risks, if you go to the stock market, the risks are always there. I also see that investment is risky because the currency is vulnerable to depreciation
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