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  1. I have one , this is a little bit different its coin something but it has all kind of coins in it and everybody ejoys it there is a lot to enjoy from it the right ideas the right market the best exchange to any coin and the best of everything that is what makes it perfect/ that is in a very different level we can call wallet
  2. I sure hope it ends up at 1 dollar because at the end of the day its going to help us a lot in so many ways but we are willing to bank on the BAT , this one looks promising, but there is a error with it, it does not pay as is it suppose to, it keeps everything in that corner that we need to identify
  3. I will hold it until am satisfied it is going to earn me enough, but am holding on to every coin I have and wait to what happens the the market in the nest few days or the year , am willing to hold all coins to the end of the year and see where that gets me so its that important to me
  4. steem was a very good idea and most people really lobved it, but am not really sure how steem works and it was a little bit difficult to so many people to understand what markets are able to be well organized so its important to keep on pulling together everything in the right perspective and everything becomes fine
  5. for me am really happy and I enjoy being here, there is a lot of many people who usually cannot tell what goes on in this market and cannot even understand how to value their work in the different positions we hve the greatest effort of every one trader to stand on his own is to really track what best is in this forum, other than the payment we get , the money is good but the knowledge is great
  6. I promise you , ybit is the best and most people should join it, there is a lot of good that comes with it, and the best one is that your payments are fast , and easy the second one is that you can get any coin you need in the forum at any one point and the third one is that there is a lot of good that comes with its changing of its cryto charts you get paid with the lowest fee in the market
  7. with the balance you have on bitcoin, then its very simple, you can change it with any crypto currency that you have on your exchange so its important to prove that there are different ideas that one can follow so important that you have to just love them the best of it is that you can change it to cash , dollar and withdraw it to any dollar wallet
  8. I did not get it , but there is another one most people are talking about it, the yo token is going to be adopeted bu other exchange very soon and its going to be very huge so its important we keep that in mind, I was not there when it was launched but the price today is really huge
  9. ofcource with the lack of transaction traces and how fast one can be able to change what he does, and the anonymity that comes with bitcoin and other transactions on crypto , there was bound to be one coin that really does the trick and this is where most criminals love in that even dark web and cyber crime thrive in this places
  10. Irungu

    Gold & Crypto

    The two are very different and with time there is going to be some changes but we have to keep the thrill working and the every other side of it is going to be well leveled and so we have to know what happens in this market the gold market has been very old and so many people have wished it away but it never goes so to me its important we put everything right there into perspective and it will work well
  11. if the deal is not profitable , always close it , for at the end of the day you will be losing your balance, how ever its very important that we place a significant time in research to make sure that you are able to understand what happens when you are about to sell, you could be losing your hard earn and significant money
  12. The problem usually occurs and its not something that is statick its usually something thatwe have to follow and it can be well illustrated in so many cases and it works very well for those who need tofollow it , levels you cannot even explain , the good work for which we need to keep on working and being in the right tract, the payment always will be paid, the problem always is solved
  13. well the world of crypto keeps on changing, I should have sold the little bitcoins and other coins I had the other day but the crypto market this morning seems to be falling down real big and its not leaving anything to chance, so I have missed on a very huge opportunity. Sell when you get a certain percentage because everything can crumble
  14. There are a number of ways to do that ,the efforts tobe followed , and the best part is to really practice really hard and put everything into perspective the work the ideas the best information at every cost is better for everybody, keep on practicing and its going to happen for you and its the best thing we have to follow in said times
  15. crypto currencies have a future if we accept it there is a lot of good that comes with what we have there are ideas we have that can help us identify the good markets that would really be the right thing the crypto future is really bright but only if everybody adopts it
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