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  1. Basically if you made 100 post in seven days then your speed is quite slow as making 20 post in a day would be an ideal speed of making posts.
  2. True even i did that but most of the people keep on doing the same post just the shake of count which is really an bad thing for the growth of this platform.
  3. Loan sites are very much in trend and undoubtedly over there as well lots of scams take place but still there are many working well as well so do research before doing anything.
  4. For sure it is we who have to work towards making this platform a better place and for that we should first stop making same post and comments again and again.
  5. This is not an problem it is just an time limit which has been imposed on this site to stop spam comments by the members so that's the reason there is an waiting time.
  6. Before doing anything we must read and get familiar with all the rules and regulations regarding a site and that's how you will be safe from doing any mistakes.
  7. For sure it is an great platform to get knowledge as well as it a place where i am able to get in connection with people of mine same intrest which is really an great thing.
  8. if i go by the name itself, then i can suggest you that smart contract are the deals you can pick by you apply of concise minds and also those can get you easy profits. it may be due to some function of blockchain technology. i hooe others will elaborate as i also need to know more.
  9. thank you my friend for providing us with this important information as i have always been scared of such activity and always have a fear of loosing my money. i am thankful to you and i will be aware .
  10. We should try to provide a proper and safe server for doing all the transaction as it is useful to protect us. we should transact with safe server and safe wallet and also safe devices.
  11. yes there are forum which are also working as same as the cryptotalk is working and i think that there are many people working on it but there is no forum like cryptotalk as it is having best payment options and also is convenient.
  12. i absolutely agree with my fellow members that using brave brower will help you earn money but earning here is very low and you will not be benefited much by earning from simple browsing. your much time will be wasted.
  13. there are many countries which are popular among the forum and the crypto lovers. My preference and also recommendation will be Eth,Btc . and there are many others you would discover once you anayz the market
  14. As being a student, i actually enjoy my time on crypto. it has been giving us the opportunity to work at our convenience and earn money. there are many places provided by crypto from where you can earn money that can be like trading, mining, holding, gaming etc.
  15. Obviously yes it is one of the best e payment options which you can get out there as it comes with very less fees and the transaction is also very fast.
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