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  1. Many potential coins and altcoins at the beginning of this year will follow the trends of bitcoin such as ETH, LTC and Ripple. so I think this is a moment to open positions in bitcoin and altcoin trading for the long term and the short term.
  2. I think this is a good step to increase the popularity of crypto. when Facebook developed their first coin as Stablecoin. I don't know much about the Libra coin project, is it profitable for bitcoin or not.
  3. For now bitcoin tends to fluctuate and is still at risk of being different from forex investments, this is why the government still has not fully agreed on bitcoin investment. I don't think that's a problem and for now bitcoin trading anyone can do it so the government can't ban crypto investors or traders.
  4. So that's a good thing. But I don't know whether their country has legalized bitcoin. if that happens the tax will be applied to their platform in any payment transaction such as a Fiat credit card. I think they should make a visa for bitcoin in any payment.
  5. At this time in my country bitcoin cannot be used fully for everyday purposes. but some countries have adopted bitcoin to reduce unemployment and improve individual economics. maybe this is a matter of time and blockchain technology that is still under development.
  6. For the beginning of this year I think XLM is still in the lowest price but the XLM chart shows trends in bitcoin trading. I didn't find any new projects in XLM trading so I think saving for now is the best choice.
  7. Yes, I'm sure bitcoin will trigger or influence the needs of the fiat currency itself. Bitcoin suppy is increasing because Fiat needs to increase in bitcoin investment. some countries have adopted bitcoin and large companies have regulated it as a long-term investment.
  8. More coins and altcoins will develop at the beginning of this year, I think. a reduction of half a bitcoin will affect the future price of bitcoin and also affect the price of the altcoin. I think it will be a moment to open a position in the ranking of the best 1-100 coins and altcoin.
  9. I think both sides of Xlm and Ripple will be profitable future projects for investors or short-term traders. bitcoin is currently experiencing a trend and altcoin will follow the role of bitcoin. earlier this year was about new projects and new strategies. for now following the trend is the best choice.
  10. Coin Libra developed by Facebook as "Stablecoin". for now the Libra coin has not been fully launched in the crypto trade. I don't know about their project but coin libra will become Stablecoin.
  11. Yes they have to fix the plan if something goes wrong in bitcoin or altcoin trading. so this is normal, temporary loss to get the appropriate profit. cut-loss, if the plan is not appropriate. use technical analysis and fundamental analysis to help you make decisions in trading. keep using the stop-loss indicator if the price will fall deeper again.
  12. I will open a position when it's a trend from BTG itself if it's just a "wait and see" pump to get the right price. some whales pump to change the direction of the bullish chart. so take advantage of this moment to open the position as possible.
  13. Hendy1

    Tabtrader features

    I think it's very risky to give your data to be fully controlled by their platform. the most important thing is to choose a trusted exchange. so I won't do it for now.
  14. Use the stop-loss indicator when the price will fall deeper. don't fight the downtrend. cut-loss is sometimes important in trading to not experience greater losses. "wait and see" is a safe way to get the price we want.
  15. The most important aspect of gaining success in the bitcoin market sentiment is staying away from greed and staying patient. buy when prices are low and hold to sell at high prices. apply a healthy trading psychology and take advantage of the best possible opportunities to get good profits.
  16. Hendy1

    A Mistake or A lesson

    Yes psychology must be applied in any condition in trade to get enough profit. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis in any strategy cannot be perfect. so take a good decision to get tangible benefits.
  17. Some days bitcoin is very volatile, the entry of supply and demand is high enough that bitcoin is rising faster and falling faster. for now I only hold bitcoin to see the next bullish chart whether bitcoin is strong enough to pass resistance.
  18. When bitcoin or altcoin signify a bearish chart I use a stop-loss of 10% of the loss. I believe bearish will take several days to re-enter the new chart towards bullish. "wait and see" is a safe way for future prices.
  19. I do both sides of anonymous trading and verified trading as long as the real exchange wallet in the best trading volatility is not a problem and it is not taxed to start any trade.
  20. The scalping strategy uses a low-time technical analysis in high volatility to make a profit as quickly as possible. when the price of coins rises faster and vice versa prices also fall faster. so technical analysis to help find potential coins.
  21. The scalping strategy of trading low timeframes in high volatility when bitcoin is experiencing a rapid rise that is going down quickly too. technical analysis is very much needed in a scalping strategy. to get potential coins.
  22. I don't know whether paper wallet is safe or not for storing bitcoin. when you lose a paper wallet it's the same as losing all bitcoin and I think this has a high risk. for now I use the Ledger nano hardware wallet when my hardware is damaged or lost I still have a backup phrase key to restore my wallet.
  23. Hendy1

    Qoinpro wallet

    Qoinpro wallet is still under development. so for the time being I suggest not to make large deposits or investments in their platform. when I download using Pc software they are dangerous. so not for now.
  24. Good idea. by cutting the sheet on the key phrase and putting it in different places. I thought I would use double security like the phrase and 2fa in the crypto wallet. at least I use 2-3 wallets to store all crypto in each of my wallets.
  25. Hendy1

    Wallet Privacy

    Blockchain wallet is a crypto storage wallet and crypto trading for now I still believe in blockchain wallet security storage. by using private key security and 2f to access the blockchain wallet. do not have to send personal data to be able to transact in a blockchain wallet.
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