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  1. To those responsible for Is it true I'm late for airdrop ... Please I want clarification ..
  2. This is my only dream code: SSFMH8 Thank you very much and from all the bottom of my heart platform Yobit I will not forget you and will stay true to you always.
  3. Certainly I prefer ETH currency .. because of its strength in the market.
  4. Yes, this happened to me one day .. I used to have 5000 of CLX completely stolen from me .. but you can change the mail password every week ...
  5. Good idea I think the forum is always looking for the best for its users ..
  6. This issue has always aroused my interest, but I also ask that a solution to these scams and fraud must be found.
  7. The owners of the long term.Perhaps smarter than us, and God knows this .. Because they collect their profits with ease ..
  8. You are definitely your money in danger. You have to invest in at least four or five currencies.
  9. One of the worst experiments I experienced personally .. Bitcoin generation paid 0.0012 btc to get 0.012 btc result was fraudulent and fraud ..
  10. If you are sure about that .. not a problem, always try to publish and you are confident of what you do .. I hope you are right.
  11. Let people ask their questions what is inhibiting then. They are just looking for convincing answers. Especially experienced people
  12. I accept this condition not to return the subjects .. because they cause boredom and inconvenience at the same time.
  13. If this really happens and Switzerland launches its cryptocurrency, this is a surprise because the market will stabilize.
  14. Конечно, плательщик .. Qwi ... идеальные деньги .. Visa MasterCard
  15. It is a mistake to write a new post .Outside the forum topics as offensive to people in their presentation and religion .. taking into account the beginning of the topic be capitalized
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