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  1. One of the worst experiments I experienced personally .. Bitcoin generation paid 0.0012 btc to get 0.012 btc result was fraudulent and fraud ..
  2. libra Facebook currency .. will be assumed in March 2020 and will not exceed the price of 1.5 dollars per currency .. So the big difference between Bitcoin and Libera ..
  3. It is good to hear such news. Amazon accepts cryptocurrencies, so we fly to the moon without landing.
  4. If you are sure about that .. not a problem, always try to publish and you are confident of what you do .. I hope you are right.
  5. Listen well what I say. The best currency exchange is as follows 01 binance. 02 coinbase 03 yobit 04 Not disclosed
  6. Let people ask their questions what is inhibiting then. They are just looking for convincing answers. Especially experienced people
  7. I accept this condition not to return the subjects .. because they cause boredom and inconvenience at the same time.
  8. Yobit I am more comfortable than I was .. With her I became a professional and I learned a lot..Thanks all thanks to Yobit platform and its loyal team.
  9. If this really happens and Switzerland launches its cryptocurrency, this is a surprise because the market will stabilize.
  10. Everyone will bow to Bitcoin. Will China stay away from this? No
  11. I do not think so. The best of those who have the best responses .. To distinguish between who understands the question and who does not understand .. Because the most important benefit of people and not who raises the question ..
  12. Конечно, плательщик .. Qwi ... идеальные деньги .. Visa MasterCard
  13. It is a mistake to write a new post .Outside the forum topics as offensive to people in their presentation and religion .. taking into account the beginning of the topic be capitalized
  14. Simply the wallet for collecting and storing currencies .. And the stock exchange to convert currency A to currency B .. Is this clear.
  15. blockchain .I think it's relatively acceptable in terms of fees
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