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  1. Its very unlikely that this call centers exist anywhere because its an individuals based platforms not operated by a third party like banking system.
  2. The only difference between alts and bitcoin is the popularity and block chain technology of bitcoin that these alternative coins does not compete with may be in the future but not now.
  3. There might be in the future but not know if we considering coin value because bitcoin is the oldest and the first crypto currency with a system of block chain technology is the amazing brilliant outsmart technology.
  4. No one knows who is the real owner or maker of this currency but the system of blocks having the transactions information and connected together like a chain is the by far the smartest revolutionary technology that i have seen so far.
  5. yeah key of success is patience and hard work combined with smart work .I suggest people trading for short benefit will regret later so don't trade unless you are sure.
  6. It is very comforting to know that countries are now accepting crypto and lifting the ban.This will led other countries to lift the ban and people will be benefited from the crypto currencies.
  7. Ethereum has been competing the bitcoin for so many years and known for its unique benefits.I hope that its token get the value they deserve and this year it price goes up.
  8. I have not made a mistake yet because i always let my friend do the trade from his account then if its successful then i do it on my account.
  9. people who don't like crypto currency are the ones who don't want other people to earn money and get rich and live up to the standard that they are living in. these are jealous people .other people are to careless and don't realize or don't want to realize the digital currency importance.
  10. I have not purchased or put my crypto in the wallet yet because of many fake wallets and scam wallets like bittconnect. I would love to know about the safest wallets and also about the fake wallets.
  11. The only ways to become rich from bitcoin is by mining a bitcoin and by purchasing it at lowest rate and then selling the coins at a high price when demand goes up.
  12. that means you have earned one litecoin because one hundred million litoshi makes a one litecoin. i say you should save it and wait for prices to go up and meanwhile start earning from other platforms as well.
  13. yeah its simple to understand the difference between a bitcoin and virgin bitcoin.Nice post about explaining the difference between the bitcoin and virgin bitcoin.
  14. i think you have to make account on yobit and check your balance on the crypto campaign page where your number of post and btc earned are mentioned .
  15. People are using crypto as their savings or as a investment and because of crypto people are earning very much because of it by trading.
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