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  1. do you mean bitcoin crash? jokes aside, bitcoin cash is just the same thing as bitcoin with a few improvements in term of transaction fees and speed. i don't like this coin but it can be a good speculative investment since it is on the top 5 crypto by market cap
  2. yea most of people use privacy coins only for privacy, but some people use them for illegal things. but, there is big but, when the authorities that are tracking you (yes, you all are tracked. if when you bought crypto you did the KYC procedure, then they know which wallet are yours and which movements you made) see that you are starting hiding your transactions with privacy coins, even if you are doing this only for your privacy, they will see the worst thing so for them you are doing something illegal and then you will need to give them a lot of explanation. so, for me, privacy coins are not needed and they will also fall
  3. i would summarize the whole thing with just one rule - do not trust anyone that ask you money online (or offline, i mean scammers are everywhere and not only online) and that's it, you will never be scammed
  4. since i'm a student i spend a lot of time in front of the pc so for all things related on the crypto world maybe i spend like 5/6 hours per day while trading, reading news, using forum like this, watching crypto videos, and other things like that
  5. loan with crypto is completely busted in my opinion since you are locking money to get money, i mean i understand why people do that (for example you need cash but a the same time you want to keep that crypto coins, so you so this) but like you i don't like this because you need 3 times the amount you want to do that
  6. this has never happen to me and now i say that i would send them back to the same address. but if happen for real and it is a good amount i really don't know, i mean there is part of you that would to keep them instead of sending back
  7. who cares if the biggest social media will block all the things about crypto. internet is enough to promote crypto, there also new decentralized social media that are growing every day, so don't worry no one can stop cryptos
  8. this is very sad. like most of the things when someone does bad things who pay is the whole community and not only who caused that. anyway the us government are doing this for a right cause
  9. this is not the first and it will not be the last, telegram is full of scammers. when someone say "hi" i block him and i report him as spam. anyway you can also report those people to an official telegram bot (i don't remember the name now), then you post to them the proof and the telegram team will ban him from the platform
  10. no, i have always received the coins that i deposited. the most that happen to me were slowdowns from the exchanges. i mean that the coins were arrived but the exchange took a few minutes to show the coins on the balance
  11. i think that those guys are just crazy 😂 there is 0 chance that dogecoin will be the best crypto in the world. they just were joking for sure, since doge is also a meme coin so i'm pretty was just a joke
  12. i don't think this will happen by the end of this years, specially with this market. litecoin will not hit 1k$ in 2020, it has an high potential to reach that price but this requires like another 5/10 years. this market and litecoin are ready for this
  13. i am pretty sure that cryptos will never replace fiat currencies. said that, if i have to choose one of them i would choose a crypto world but there are also negative parts about that. i think the better place would be a place with fiat and crypto that work together
  14. for now i say no one can beat bitcoin, there is no altcoins comparable with the bitcoin power level. but in the future a better crypto than bitcoin could be created, i'm leaving this chance open
  15. kyc is necessary to help authorities to fight the money laundering, so exchanges are forced to do than otherwise the cant work in determinate countries. this doesn't mean that you need to do kyc everywhere because most site are scam site that just want your identity to sell it in illegal markets. you need just to be careful in which site you are doing the kyc
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