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  1. @Wilmer Garcia the free plan allows you to have just 2 bots active, there are a few platforms that allow you to use multiple bots for free, like bitunivers, 3commas (but only if you use the binance broker account) and zignally. so i suggest you to use those platforms instead of that
  2. @Mohamad ibrahem what do you mean with "digital analysis" and with "jan analysis"? i trade since few years but i have never heard of those kind of analysis. if they exist then i would like to know in what they consist of
  3. @Saj555 you should have written more details about them to make the post more complete, like when they started buying bitcoin, what they are doing now, how much is their capital, etc
  4. this is not true, if you forget the passphrase you can still have access to your coins with the seed. if you lose, or if you don't remember the seed, then, your coins are completely lost and you can't do anything about it.
  5. if i understand correctly that site offers you the possibility to create your own exchange with no costs. but i don't think is that easy, i mean.. you can create your exchange using that site but to run an exchange you also need an approve from your country, you need regulations and all others bureaucratic stuff, or am i wrong?
  6. @Hala99 i think most of new users in the crypto world falls in those scam sites. i also fell in a doubler site when i started using crypto but i lost a small amount of bitcoin and i learned the lesson and this what matter
  7. of course it is correct to check if the translator did a good translation but if don't know english it is impossible to do what you are asking. and there a lot of users that don't know english (you know that because i saw many times really basic errors like "he are").
  8. since trading is not my job, i reinvest the 80% of what i earn and i put the 20% in a sort of "money box" so i can use them when i need, for example to buy something or to reinvest if a coin is dropped a lot
  9. @betelihem i'm the one who spend crypto for buying things online so i don't agree with you mainly for 2 reasons... first of all because no one can know where the bitcoin price will go (it can go down or up) so i spend my profits if i want without thinking at the future price because i care only about the present price in this case. second, if you buy to hold then you are not helping bitcoin because only the exchange between person can help him to grow. like the normal economy, you need to buy and sell for let the economy run
  10. it is all about marketing. coinmarketcap has a lot of traffic (it is the number one site for cryptocurrencies prices) and this mean more user for binance and so more money for them.
  11. what are you talking about? SEC didn't say anything about cryptocurrencies, SEC talked only about GRAM and they just blocked this project worldwide, nothing more. and, by the way, cryptocurrencies price didn't change at all, so...
  12. you are talking about hacking and online wallets, but online wallets are the worst wallet to avoid hacks since everything online can be hacked. so if you are worried only about hacks then don't use online wallet, but use just a software wallet downloaded in a safe place. said that, if you still want an online wallet i can suggest you blockchain.com or coinpayments
  13. i'm waiting for a support answer since 4 months 😂. anyway now genesis mining is no longer as good as it was in the past. a valid alternative, for me, is cryptouniverse, it has the lowest fee in the cloud mining market.
  14. guys this topic is a joke, 100%. first of all he said that he lost 13 btc because his hard drive burned, and we all know that to recover you cryptos you need just the seed. second, someone with 13 btc in his wallet know, for sure, how to keep safe his funds while backuping the seed. 100% fake topic
  15. reaching 100.000$ for bitcoin it is almost impossible simply because to achieve that price there should be a lot of people interested with a lot of volume. a volume like that can only be brought by the institutional . i hope you agree with me that to bring the price from 10$ to 1000$-10.000$ it is "quite easy" but it is a completely another thing bring the price from 10.000$ to 100.000$
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