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  1. Yes basically I think if you create more useful posts in this forum you can get some good reputation
  2. Yes basically if we read the guidelines on the cryptotalk forum, we can't easily go wrong here.
  3. Yes basically, of course I think you can save your ETC coins in your MythWallet.
  4. Yes Basically, of course we need to know all about Yobit Exchanger his it is mandatory for us
  5. Yes essentially you can buy Bitcoin from any exchanger You can also buy Bitcoin from people to people.
  6. Yes basically I think there is no time zone for changing the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin prices can be changed at any time.
  7. Yes basically I have not seen any crypto debit card. I am interested in using crypto debit card
  8. Yes basically it is very sad news for business users of Korean users ow now they can pay taxes for the business
  9. Yes, of course, I also think that newcomers must read the rules before posting.
  10. Yeah basically I'm just commenting for money from this forum. I can't create a topic here
  11. Yes basically I definitely think we need to work for the betterment of our society. We can work with unity functions
  12. Yes basically if you continue to create useful and more interesting posts then your reputation can grow
  13. Yes basically my intention to join this forum is to learn a lot about cryptocurrency and earn bitcoin
  14. Yes, of course, I think the cryptocurrency countries' economy has increased. Its very helpful to the country
  15. Yes basically trading is very profitable for me. I can easily make more profit from trading
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