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  1. As I write this now, the button is working just fine. yobit always fixes the problem in the end, so don't worry about it. I was in the BCT Signature promotion and it happened quite frequently. And for once the button didn't work for a week.
  2. We don't have to wait for someone to go to the bank or bank promotion to pay you. It's very easy to use. And it has a high probability of earning due to volatility. I like crypto for these two reasons.And I think, this is my future.
  3. If expectations do not rise, then frustration can occur throughout the year. If you have read about the advice of experts in the crypto market. However, they were always asked to trade at a good time of the year.I think trading with strong technical knowledge is always the best option. And the only way to succeed.
  4. We can say that it has become the primary income of a large number of people. This is how they work with them. And develops them to earn extra income in real life .The Internet has opened a huge field for a large number of people to showcase their skills and ideas. And I think it has changed the fate of many people.
  5. There are many academic courses on blockchain in the United States that teach about this technology. This is what I read in the news. If he taught about cryptocurrency in the US, he would never have been arrested.They think Virgil's education about crypto and blockchain will help raise funds for Korea and they will use it to build more nuclear weapons.He was arrested for traveling to North Korea without the permission of the federal government.
  6. With the improvement of blockchain technology, digital currency will make it easier for everyone to make money. I think we have high demand for digital currency in crypto currencyIn that case digital currency has been used by everyone for a long time. I think cryptocurrency is now a digital currency for everyone.
  7. I spent a good amount of time collecting until I was tired. I lost my wallet too. I was able to collect a good amount of supplies. At that time I remember there was a call that gave you 2 thousand sevensis every 5 minutes.However, their quality was low.
  8. I use both Bitcoin or Ethereum to pay for services. There are exchangers in the domestic market that allow you to exchange your existing coins for regular money.The possibilities of using digital money for Russian citizens are significantly limited.
  9. At least we guarantee that big currencies like LTC, ETH and others are always valuable and do not fade. I think that investing in strong currencies and known successful projects is good now, especially with market volatility and volatility
  10. I don't think counterfeit currency will come to crypto. Now in our real life we see that there are different currencies and different notes. Our fake currency will never be used. Because many technology companies adopt certain technologies
  11. I think the information posted is correct. However, in my opinion this is a good site. There are many scandalous projects on the internet so this site will be added for startups to make no mistake or lose their investment.
  12. I think this is a temporary problem. If the buyers are huge then the price will go up, sellers will charge higher prices. However, some people are playing a game with ordinary members with huge Bitcoin in their hands. I think the price depends on the buyer and seller.It is a crypto market and decentralized.
  13. If you use a desktop wallet. But you want to keep your PC maintenance. Then you just need a specific and secure browser. In my opinion, if you do not pay enough attention it can easily take away your money
  14. The purpose is to improve the financial industry, to preserve personal information. Using the transparent nature of the blockchain to manage it through various other usesDevelopers around the world can create and manage decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Computer programs running on the Ethereum blockchain can access and use this data.Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin in 2014. I think the best Ethereum, Ethereum is actually very similar to Bitcoin.
  15. I hope CoinJeko becomes such a website. Which will be able to assist in receiving crypto cryptocurrencies like Coin Marketcap.The Coin MarketCap has almost four times less cryptocurrency than CoinZeko.
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