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  1. But don’t you think in some cases there’s an error of identification of wrong User as Multiple accounts User more genuinely method can be use to avoid mistakes
  2. But base on the payment how does it work out is it 1Wowcoin equivalent to 1$ or 100Wowcoins Equivalent to 1$ thats were I was confused from your post please,do say more about that
  3. Yeah!! But I think Using of phone number as part of registration will help in reducing the rate of multiple accounts, with that you can’t able to Use one contact for more than ones
  4. But I thinks it’s for the both User either new and old User because, the both Users all belong to this crypto so,the rules will all effect the Users in general
  5. I thought as well because this topic caught My attention and I will like to know more of it I know it will be important to me someday if not today
  6. Bro are you sure this is paying well 1wowcoin is $1 and again 100wowcoins is $1 which one are we to believe convience people around that this is genuine and gives Us prove
  7. Thanks for the process even though I don’t have it Use now knowledge isn’t waste at least it will serve a purpose in the future either to me or someone close to me
  8. Please, do share more light to this bull run we do have many Newbies here and we ain’t Use to this language terms here and that makes it hard for some people to contributed around
  9. Smile 😃 am here for fun and the earning beside I don’t have time for multiple accounts and I don’t support spamming as well and I urge does doing to stop 🛑
  10. I do have similar question at least am entering crypto from browser and it’s kind of not fun wanted asking for sometime now if play store have Crypto app I can download Am sure the way yobits is going this days with time thy can make more new Users and increase the number of users around but never the less impressive improvements should be done in crypto to uplift it standard not only for the payment
  11. Are you saying admin do delete post but if yes on what bases do thy do that is it based on Spam suspected or thy have there on reasonable reason for doing So
  12. Are you Sure? Don’t forget a criminal who is up to something fishy and knows the implicated ways he will be caught will not be so, foolish to get himself easily caught
  13. Thanks for the encouraging at least am new and things kind of getting interesting around so,it’s better I know the rules and tips to guide me on this
  14. I don’t repeat mostly I comment on different topics or replies to someone man certain of what am doing and nothing like cheat or spam am sure before someone get block or ban his comment and replies will be check first
  15. It’s good that way at least it will moderate the number of Spams online and only the genuine user can have that patient i like it beside am starting to get this Crypto so interesting
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