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  1. firstly you should not violate the rules and regulation on this forum, and follow the senior members here. do not copy the content from somewhere else and produce unique content which will be benefited for other users too.
  2. the best wallet to store crypto is the exchange wallet like yobit and because exchange manages the security of the wallet and hacker wont be able to hack the cold storage wallet without the access of the internet. but trezor wallet is also considered to be the world most secure wallet. your choice either trezor by purchasing it or exchange wallet which is almost free.
  3. Thank you for the useful signature my friend. indeed crypto world is large and you need to explore it on daily basis 8 to 15 hours a day. but for the time being i am only spending 4 to 5 hours daily exploring and earning around 5$ a day in crypto. but i am planning to expand this to 50$. wish me good luck.
  4. future of the crypto depends upon the development in blockchain tech over all, like ethereum came up with latest and new concept of blockchain thus came the era of airdrops and alt coins which boost up the crypto coins market by 150% to 800% back in 2017.
  5. the best strategy to buy crypto is on yobit exchange. first you should fund your advcash wallet using master or visa card then deposit on yobit free of any cost. and then use BTC/USD pair to buy bitcoin and ETH/USD pair to buy ethereum from that balance. thus you will be enable to buy crypto from your master card. vote up if this comments help you. thanks
  6. physical currency like gold and silver coins are the story of past now people are using fiat and digital currencies. now fiat currencies are over taken by digital and especially crypto currencies. which is estimated to vanish fiat in 10 years or may be 20 years approx. crypto is revolutionizing the digital currencies in the whole and world and now worth more then quater a trillion dollars over all.
  7. i have also learned the lesson hard way due to ETH and alt-coins stolen from MYETHERWALLET malware attack on my wallet by some Russian hacker. and bitcoin stealing is golden egg laying hen for the hackers out there. stay safe everyone and keep your antivirus updated. and do not store your password online.
  8. fear is the most common and worst thing which can loss you while trading in any market. and to overcome fear is must for the crypto traders to practice more and more day by day. The most important key is also to be patience in order to overcome fear.
  9. yes for sure people will move towards crypto to bypass the limit implemented by the Italian governments. crypto has a lot more properties which is anti gov and anti bank because its unblinking the banked ones and minimizes the fee and disable the taxes.
  10. I think you don't knew about the new bitcoins being generated by the miners every day and the process of mining. and you are right people are stocking bitcoin like gold and due to non inflation properties of bitcoin its price is increasing tremendously in the long run.
  11. you cannot earn 100 BTC by commenting here on this forum for 10 years. So which platform you are planning to use to earn such great amount of BTC and ethereum in 10 years. kindly please share with us as well so we all grow and benifits from each other here on this forum.
  12. i spend almost 4 hours a day but i am planing to increase this time interval as i have to pay my debt by earning through crypto currencies. and on the other side i want to increase my assets in crypto too and hodl them for the long bullish run of the market.
  13. I will try to use bitcoin talk forum as well as i have read here on this forum about the review of bitcoin talk as being also the way of earning crypto by maintaining good reputation. and i am strongly committed to my work and produce quality content.
  14. crypto currency and blockchain technology seems to be the future of our economic world. and future is being build on blockchain tech. bitcoin is so far the king of it but i sees that it will be knocked down by ethereum like latest blockchain coming in 5 to 10 years or so. may its ethereum.
  15. many companies around the world uses bitcoin as a payment medium for donation. because of its anonymous quality as some people dont want to show their identity while doing the good work for the society. same like binance CEO donates crypto currency for the victim of CoronaVirus.
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