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  1. Yes it is a good site that you will be able to save your investment and avoid the scam sites.
  2. When you have a guide even if you don't try to learn their tactics yourself.
  3. Those too coins are good for Investment if you can choose and be able to wal them through.
  4. It can happen at anytime now we don't know about their develop so we can't predict what is actually going on with libra development.
  5. I believe in that, what they are after is the profit and they will actually leave the market if they have the profit.
  6. They should learn from the expert that will make them safe from making wrong choice in the market.
  7. Yes that is true, but if you see the price now you will hate Amy coin that was been airdrop to people.
  8. Nissaah

    Crypto Rap

    I will listen to it, it will be part of memory and part of remembrance of what you had gone through this your days of cryptocurrencies.
  9. That is a good development, all those development are coming from the German, they have lot of interest in cryptocurrencies.
  10. Trust wallet is a good wallet you can trust to use and that wallet is secure that support lot of wallet.
  11. Yes you should never sell in loss but there are some condition that you have no option than to sell.
  12. I don't watch it a very often, I just check to se if i am doing well to see what I can amend.
  13. Yes they will still find a way to get themselves to you, hacker are somehow smart.
  14. It should be an international investment that will have you to get a lot stream of income not dedicated to some countries.
  15. Yes it is very huge and also very wide to be said to find a single Investment, we have lot of them actually.
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