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  1. In fact, this can be easily checked, just most people are lazy to do it. The easiest and most correct way to check this is through GitHub. This is exactly the social network that can tell everything about the capabilities of the team.
  2. I understand that ... it was just that it was possible to take a character to the landing page, that is, to rent it for a while. And these characters can farm a coin ... so I thought that the rented ones can also do this ...
  3. Well, then there is a chance to try this game at the very beginning and decide whether it is worth investing there. Plus, maybe there will be some rewards for early testers ...
  4. Well, if a person calls himself a trader, then he should already have such skills to one degree or another. The exit point from the transaction is determined by technical analysis and past resistances of a particular coin.
  5. Of course, it also happens that new teams can show excellent results. But openness is the factor that shows us that this is not just a project, that real people are working on it ... this is important in my opinion.
  6. I'm just now testing this game, tried to take the character to the landing page, I thought he would farm coins. But it turned out that this is not so, only those characters make a profit which you directly bought.
  7. Was there any kind of closed testing of this game? I have been following beta tests lately and try to get into such projects in the early stages ...
  8. The ability to find the right point of entry into a trade and exit from it is the real skill of a trader ...
  9. And this is not correct, I think. Openness is very important in the field of cryptocurrencies, people are more confident in investing in projects if they know who is behind these projects.
  10. Moreover, it is worth taking a closer look at this direction ... large exchanges rarely do any actions just like that. This means that there is indeed a very large financial potential in this direction.
  11. One of the main factors is the team. If the team provides its data, previously worked in well-known projects, then this adds confidence in serious intentions.
  12. I have been in the crypto industry for a long time, but I try to follow trends. Now even the Binance exchange is launching a game with its own NFTs that will mine the coin. In general, now this is a trend direction ...
  13. That's right, selling at the right moment is the most difficult task for me. I understand when to buy this or that asset, but selling is already more difficult. I usually underexpose the deal, sell earlier ...
  14. Well, this is probably true, but first of all the game should become popular so that people would like to spend money there ... and this is very difficult, the game market is very extensive.
  15. If this is such an important factor, then why, for example, promising altcoins can make 2000% in a few months with a small capitalization? You need to understand what you want .... bitcoin is the main currency ... at current prices you will not do X.
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