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  1. Very often, projects are in a hurry and they talk about partnership ahead of time .... maybe certain negotiations are already in the offing ...
  2. In a falling market, it is generally difficult to talk about profit ... here you need to clearly understand what you expect from the project and whether it can be implemented and interesting for the community.
  3. YES, the transition of Ethereum has been dragged out for a long time. But the fact remains that the network is popular at least because they are sure that the ethereum, like bitcoin, is the fundamental coin on the market.
  4. The Ethereum network is good, but at the moment it is not the most relevant (that's when PoS will be), then the gas fees will be lower and the network speed will be higher. But in principle there are bridges and now it’s not a problem which network.
  5. It depends on how to argue .... if we consider long-term investment, then of course only bitcoin will be reliable. And at the moment, I basically do not understand where the market will go ...
  6. This is for sure, for example, recently the LUNA project began to appear on social networks with the project manager, and as if he offers people to send 1 bitcoin to their wallet and 2 bitcoins will return. An old scam but people still make these kinds of mistakes.
  7. Of course, you can plan a lot of things, the main thing is to translate your plans into reality, that is, to act.
  8. It is good if the project coin is already used somewhere, or at least traded .....
  9. Of course, there are a lot of scammers on the market, especially they appear at the moment when people panic, when they don’t know what to do ....
  10. This is true and the market has shown it more than once. It is only by falling that you can see which projects are really strong and competitive. I think that 95 percent will not be able to withstand such a bearish pressure.
  11. To be honest, after all the news on the market now, people are looking for stability .... everything is not very clear, the fear is simply catastrophic.
  12. This is such a time in the market that only the most diligent and deserving projects will be able to survive... even more so if these are new projects.
  13. Typically, such partnerships are announced somewhere, that is, such information should be viewed not only on the project page, but also on the partners themselves (on official websites or on their social networks).
  14. I am aware, so I say that the new stablecoins turned out to be not solvent, they lost trust. In my opinion, providing a stablecoin with bitcoin in a falling market is just nonsense and a huge stupidity.
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