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  1. لا يوجد حد للأشخاص المسموح لهم بمتابعتهم ، ولكن من الأفضل متابعة الأشخاص الأكثر خبرة حظًا سعيدًا لك يا صديقي وللجميع
  2. اI agree with you on this opinion, as I noticed that there are many questions from some members and they are considered repetitive, which became obvious to everyone.
  3. I think that I should help others even for free, because now, even if I do not need help, there will come a moment when I will need help from others.
  4. أنا أيضًا ما زلت مبتدئًا ، لكن لدي نصيحة أقدمها ، وهي أن المبتدئ يجب أن يتحلى بالصبر ، لأن الأمور الصعبة ستصبح أسهل لاحقًا.
  5. I agree with you, my friend, I have noticed, like you, that there are comments on the posts sometimes that do not correspond to the main topic.
  6. The cryptocurrency markets experience a lot of price fluctuations, but when it stabilizes a little, the demand for it will increase tremendously.
  7. I agree with you in the opinion, but the forum here is very safe, so your account is well protected, but in general you can take basic protection measures for your computer to ensure your peace of mind.
  8. Yes, my friend, I agree with you on this, as this forum is like a treasure because it contains experiences, knowledge and experiences in cryptocurrencies
  9. I prefer trading, meaning that I buy and sell within a short period, but most of those I know prefer to buy and store currency in order to sell it in the long term.
  10. Luck is a double-edged sword, but experience is a single-edged sword that will deconstruct the world of cryptocurrency trading. Good luck everyone
  11. Yes, you are right, my friend, that the field of cryptocurrencies has opened many doors for fraudulent operations. I recommend Binance and yobit as they are my favorites.
  12. There are many deceptive sites on the Internet, so it is best for you to learn to trade cryptocurrencies on your own and not be drawn into the greed of getting rich quickly.
  13. I recommend focusing on the quality of post content, and this thing can only be done by increasing knowledge about cryptocurrencies and following up on their news on a daily basis.
  14. Yes, you are right. Insistence and not giving up are two basic conditions for success, and it is better for beginners like me to learn more about forum and cryptocurrencies before delving into writing posts.
  15. I heard about CryptoTalk forum through one of the groups on Facebook, and after that I participated in the forum, got to know it more and liked it a lot
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