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  1. This is true we must read the topic and understand its content and then reformulate it again so that the rest of the members can understand the main and important points in the topic away from copying and pasting
  2. I have worked in other forums such as bitcointallk forum they also do not pay for posting outside the topic or in sections that do not support the english language. They do this to improve the quality of posts and I have no problem with that
  3. This is true. You can benefit from the experience of people in the new sections and expand the forum. Google translation errors can also be avoided by speaking the original language and sharing between members
  4. There are many advantages to Bitcoin compared to its disadvantage in the theory of the greatest benefit is investment and profit from sites and facilitate exchange between the seller and the buyer
  5. Certainly many members work through the chrom browser for translation, but the Arabic section will increase the interaction between members
  6. Perhaps in the future it will be created and only the supervisors will determine this. But of course, it will be useful for us and the forum
  7. You are right, but the use of other sections may expand the forum and increase the exchange of information between members. Certainly the use of the English language is the best
  8. It is not possible to earn from a section outside the topic It is not possible to earn from a section outside the topic
  9. That s right. I collected a lot of televisions from the telegram bots, and when I wanted to withdraw the profits, I was asked to deposit but I did not fall into this fraud.
  10. Now I can receive notifications and that's a good thing. What do you mean, sometimes I can't?
  11. Thanks for your help, I modified the settings. It was difficult to find comments on my posts
  12. This is true because beginners have a primary goal of obtaining money, regardless of conditions, and they do not have sufficient information
  13. The price cannot be predicted and sometimes the price can decrease or increase dramatically within a short period.
  14. Digital currencies in the future will be more stable .. What determines the price of the currency is the supply and demand and the extent of support for this currency
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