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  1. Just promote your channel is a good way to get views, but the most important thing is that you will create a content that everyone will love and likes and for sure they will share it and more people will watch your video, that is the best way to earn a lot of viewers.
  2. Posting on this forum is a great start to get a starting money, whether you want to invest or you want a money for your trading, earning a capital by posting on this forum is ideal, and it is the fastest way. But if you have money on your pocket then I think it is the most efficient and fastest way to do it.
  3. I think not, in my case I use the same gmail that I used to register on Yobit and Cryptotalk and when I bind it, it works for me, I think there is something wrong with your sign up, maybe it is better if you check the details.
  4. This is good to know so that we can maximize the amount of profit that we could get from withdrawing our coins to Yobit, but for me, I use Ripple when I am withdrawing because it is the only currency available in my wallet and it is the lowest.
  5. Creating a high quality post is the key for your topic or post to not get deleted by the moderators of this forum, it is the problem of a lot of members, but sometimes even if you created a topic that is useful and high-quality, they still delete it and I don't know why.
  6. It is not allowed here to post any referral links because for sure if you did that, whether you will get a warning points or you will get banned as soon as possible so please do not post any referral links when you were creating a post or topic on this forum.
  7. I think this is a great thing to know, my only problem is that how accurate is your statistics and where did you get that information? The problem is you didn't give any links for this statistics and I highly doubt that this is not true.
  8. Using a timer can maximize your posting on this forum, you can calculate how long or short will your duration of posting here on this forum, if you will post for 2 hours or 3 hours, I think that is the advantage of using a timer.
  9. It is not wrong to make a mistake especially we can learn a lot of things form our mistakes, we should know that all experts starts from being a newbie and they all commits a mistake before they become one of the veterans on this platform.
  10. Before entering or posting on this forum, every member should read all the guidelines and rules of this forum especially for those newbies who likes to spam and post nonsense low quality post on this forum. We should make this forum one of the greatest and not one of the worst.
  11. Signature campaign is a earning method where all you need to do is to promote the signature of whoever company or website it is and they will pay you for that, also you have a quota that you need to reach and if you don't reach that quota, then for sure they will not pay you.
  12. Those are the good benefits that you can obtain or get on this forum which is good, there are a lot of forums there where you cannot earn and you cannot learn a lot but in Cryptotalk, there are a lot of opportunities that you can get by just posting and reading topics n this forum.
  13. Faucets and a viewers cannot help you a lot, in fact for me it is just a waste of time, better if you trade or join campaigns maybe, with that you can earn more money than getting small amount of coins on faucets and viewing ads.
  14. I don't think that there is a Cryptotalk app that is existing, if there is one then I think they will announce it but as far as I know, there is no Cryptotalk app that is downloadable. I think that you see is a scam application so better if you don't download it.
  15. I prefer joining campaigns that waiting for a coin on faucets, I am still learning about trading but I think I will try it sooner if I have enough knowledge to do that but for now, campaigns and investment is enough for me.
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