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  1. Yobit is one of the best website where you can invest or store all of your coins, it is trusted by many crypto users and there is no doubt that you can earn profits from there if you invested there.
  2. I don't have any idea what online wallet has been hacked before but I think if there is any it will show up to the internet especially on any sites where crypto is the main news
  3. Cointiply is also a great faucet that you can multiply all of your earning by playing their games, but faucets doesn't give big amount of coins but because of the game features of cointiply, you can double or lose all of your coins in it.
  4. Earning money can inspire many people because we all know that money can control almost everything around us and I don; know if it is a good or bad thing, also learning many things can also inspire them. It depends on what is the interest of that person.
  5. I am also glad that i discovered and joined crypto because I learned a lot of things because of cryto and I also earned some money because of it. I hope other people discover it also so that they can learn a lot of things.
  6. Thanks for this information, this can educate a lot of newbies when it comes to bitcoin. Also I learned something from this that I don't read on any articles.
  7. xpertt


    I think that any faucet website is not worth your time because of the amount they pay you for your waiting, yes it is still money but it will takes you a long time to earn an enough amount of money and an enough amount to withdraw all of your earnings.
  8. I think it depends on what platform that person is comfortable and how that person manage to control his money on buying and selling it on any trading platform. At the end of the day, you are the one who manage your own money.
  9. I still believe that the price of crypto will increase when the right time comes, that's why I am still holding my coins because I have high hopes that the price of it will increase again.
  10. I joined crypto a few months ago but I learned so much about crypto because of this forum, I also earned some money sine I joined this community and I am happy about it.
  11. A bull run will come obviously but I don't know when will it start depending on the value of bitcoin today. But patience is the key, hold all of your coins and let us all wait for the bull run.
  12. I will choose 10000 USD over 1 Bitcoin because I can invest all of my 10000 USD to buy bitcoin and wait for the bull run to come so in that way I can earn profit from it, that choosing 1 Bitcoin and pulling all out.
  13. Success is not easy to reach especially when you were not a hardworking and no patience person, you need to longer you temper and you should work hard so that you can achieve all of your goals and become one of those successful person in the business.
  14. I think I will stop using crypto if I have already enough money to sustain my everyday living and not only me but for my future family also. But as for now, I don't any intentions of leaving crypto.
  15. If you want a name for your business that is crypto related, I will suggest that you name is Cryptopia. It is running at my mind for a very long time if I will build a crypto related business. If I cannot do that, other people might do this for me and I am hoping that is you.
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