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  1. Actually with the way everything went during the Christmas period and with what we are seeing now I think bitcoin reaching the $ 20000 dollars in February is very possible with what we have seen so far since this year started.
  2. You are talking about your yobit account being blocked but I am a little bit surprised about that because I have not heard about the yobit account being blocked before if you were talking about the cryptotalk account being blocked I would have suggested that you submit a request trying to recover the account but I don't know about yobit.
  3. I don't think that the Facebook Libra project can stick to the plan of launching the proposed stable currency storage and transfer wallet because they have not yet gotten over the regulatory problem they have with the US government.
  4. All you have explained about this forum is true, the group experience, private chatting, making more friends online are really important aspect of the cryptotalk forum and all these makes the forum more interesting.
  5. Captcha is something that occurs during the login process for verifications, it is done to very if it is a robot or a human being that is operating because if it is a robot verification cannot be completed successfully.
  6. Wow, this is a very important and interesting suggestions and I think if there is any way that we can pin the best answers to any post on top of the post i mean if the best answers can be selected and moved to the front page it will be very good because you can get all you were looking for about that particular topic without having to search all the pages.
  7. Actually this is a very good idea that if implemented will make the cryptotalk forum more stronger, better and more popular, if several languages system are being developed it will bring more members and the forum will become very interesting.
  8. Yes of course, we need to contribute and show gratitude to the cryptotalk forum for the great opportunity it has given to many of us and so we need to create useful and interesting topics because that is one of the ways we can contribute and show gratitude to the cryptotalk forum.
  9. Yes you have actually said the main fact about the cryptotalk forum, you can actually learn a lot of things about cryptocurrency from this forum, you can make friends and can also earn at the same time from this forum which makes it very interesting.
  10. Yes I have also actually noticed what you are talking about and it is very bad for that to happen, the situation where a post that does not deserve a negative reaction is given a negative reaction must be stopped and I think this is done as a revenge from users.
  11. Well I have not heard about anything like you can be able to change your rank name personally if you reach the 1000 contents mark, only the administrators can change the rank name and that can be done once you reach the requirements for a change of rank name.
  12. Yes of course, actually all you have said in your write-up is true and I think that the cryptotalk forum becoming more helpful than the bitcointalk forum is very possible and that will not take time because the cryptotalk have good potentials.
  13. Wow this is a very important and useful suggestions, if that suggestions of providing shelter and other basic necessities of life to those who can't afford it can be taken seriously by everyone it will be very helpful to the cryptotalk forum and the crypto world at large.
  14. The members are many in the forum but there are only limited number of topics available and I think this is because most members don't have time to post new topics as they don't see that as something important but for members to be encouraged to create new topics there should be an increased payment for posting of new topics because an increase in payment for posting will serve as a motivation to those posting the topics.
  15. You have actually said the true fact in everything you explained in your write-up, we all need to try as we can to react to the post of other people because reacting to these posts will boost the moral of the writer and make him feel important that his post is being accepted and so he will be encouraged to do better.
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