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  1. It's very easy if have Extra funds then we can buy and always use extra money because Crypto market is Risky and goto any wallet who support also we can use P2P network after buy we can invest your Funds anywhere.
  2. Wow this really good concepts if they working then project will give us huge to investors and best tings is also they working for money laundering problem but i have doubt this any kind of hard fork of Bitcoin because For Name.
  3. Yes i'm also looking and i think ETH will pump soon and easily can pump more then 3X and currently in good movement so this is perfect time enter in ETH and grab some before market price moving up.
  4. maximum big investors giving their input because they investing money for profit if people not using then thwy not get any profit so they promoting and many company promoting to Join their platform make good.
  5. Coinbase is most popular Crypto online wallet because High reputed and trusted wallet and maximum use using because easy to use so that's why coinabse world 4th Crypto company by capital.
  6. If you have good skill then you can easily learn by self but many Telegram and Youtube channel sharing their knowledge and if want trade then we can use paid bot.
  7. Yes friends i'm think because currently market showing good also blockchain is next generation technology so i think Crypto will last forever and currently more then 300 billion marketCAP.
  8. If you want Hold then it's good also your life can change and we know Crypto can make us rich and that's why i'm collecting an holding for long time and 2 BTC it's my dream.
  9. 98% people using centralize platform but decentralize platform is best for security and we can easily control our funds but for low volume people not using but some high reputed centralize platform doing really good.
  10. WOW this is really good and now we can make good profit just for Holding LTC and currently LTC not in movement but i think it will be show because LTC have huge potential for Long.
  11. Binance team working hard and for that's why world most high reputed company if market going up then will be again No.1 Volume exchange and currently binance working for global banks problem.
  12. Yes friends if we loss then we can recover our funds also if you using private wallet so for new user coinabse is good and always backup your private key in safe place and don't share anyone.
  13. Yes friends currently market is very volatile because market in initial stage when people know and have minimum holding power every people then it will stable so that's why we need mass adoption.
  14. Yes friends we can buy but we can directly use Crypto we need a moderator then we can buy that mean we need to convert Crypto to gift card then we can buy and i hope in future all big e-commerce sites support Crypto.
  15. If buy volume going down then it's not good for Bitcoin and other currency also because total market depends on bitcoin but price still moving up also BTC have good support level.
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