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  1. Hello friend, success! This is how I think many people have already told you how to do that to put your signature in your publications. I remind you that you can change the color of the font and its font style too. the signature would be very personalized.
  2. Hello friend, thank you very much for taking the time to explain all this to us new users, I already let you react favorably in your post. keep it up!
  3. Hello friend, success! Airdrops are a very easy way and without much risk of earning profits and cryptocurrencies for new users. Thank you very much for creating a special publication for them! cheer up !!!
  4. Hello friend, success! The final balance is the total amount. the amount sent plus the cost of the transfer. Also called "FEED" I hope I helped you.
  5. Hello friend, success! This is just a reaction to gold, to improve coexistence in the forum. You will not receive any bonus or additional payment for receiving them haha, many successful brother!
  6. Hello friend, success! The reputation in the forum does not give you any economic benefit in the forum, I think it is more like a thank you for posting posts last answers in the forum. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hello friend, success! You have to use the function of forgetting my password, so an email will be sent to the email registered in your account. I hope the administrators can help you. cheer up!
  8. Hello friend, success! I believe that I am not the only one who did not understand the purpose of its publication, I recommend that you read the Asian releases would avoid being sanctioned by the moderators in the future.
  9. Hello friend, success! apparently it is a problem with the programming of the forum, I can not access those sections of the forum. I hope the forum developers are working on solving it.
  10. hello friend success! This is how this forum is a very good place to learn about cryptocurrencies and answer all your questions about any related topic. very good forum!
  11. Hi, my friend! I think that to be able to have a good future with a program or project is to have a very good plan about the path you want to do with your project.
  12. Hello friend, success! You have to create an account on using the same email from then go to the payment section of and put your email there. ready !!
  13. Hi, my friend! In my case I like to risk enough on the cryptocurrency issue. I prefer to risk a lot and earn much more. To risk little and earn little.
  14. Hi, my friend! Thank you very much for explaining the system of how the market works and when it is a good time to enter and make a profit. thank you very much friend !!!
  15. Hi, my friend! This is what comments in other publications also count in the 30 daily publications. cheer up !!!!
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