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  1. thanks for the welcome! Successful, I read all the rules of the forum so I have the prevention when making my publications! I feel very happy to be part of this great forum the truth, being surrounded by people who like the same as me is great!
  2. congratulations! I spend the same when I withdraw from my wallet my first payment of, change them to btc to spend them haha. very satisfied with the system that currently manages the forum.
  3. Congratulations, I also received my first payment from this great forum yesterday! I was very happy because it took me a lot of time and effort to achieve my first 100 posts! I hope you achieve more than 1000!.
  4. Hello!, I am also a beginner in this cryptocurrency, but I have really wanted to learn and thanks to all the publications of this forum they have helped me a lot to nourish myself with knowledge and experiences.
  5. hello!, you can check the terms and conditions they give, many times in the small letters they tell you that they will not be responsible for any inconvenience or realize that you get to happen with your investment.
  6. Very good post! My ten, I found this publication very useful, some points that you talked about were not very clear and with this everything went well, come on guys you have to try to do things right.
  7. To have a good reputation in this forum you must create publications or respond to other users in a way that helps you solve your problem or doubt.
  8. I recommend that you start posting, commenting on interacting in all the posts that handle a little information or knowledge, so I did to be able to make my first 100 posts.
  9. I guess there must be a problem, who knows if you like all the posts you see? haha, although they can be confused with some robot and could penalize you
  10. Thank you very much for all the information! I already finished my 100 posts to start winning and I already received my first payment from very happy to participate in this forum.
  11. Hello, making money online is very simple, you just have to give some times to get, there are many pages that you can test and get it done
  12. For me, the future of will be a very large community where everyone will share their experience and knowledge, their projects and launches. something very productive. C R A C K S
  13. I also think that the yobit investbox system takes a long time: yes, it should be a faster system or so I think, changing your distributions is not
  14. I've been in the forum for 1 month, my 100 posts are almost complete, I hope you can pay me all my posts, I don't know how the system works: s
  15. Hi, thank you very much for the information, I didn't know about coinmarket, I'm starting in this world of cryptocurrencies
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