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  1. I guess earning money is easy if you just had the passion to be hardworking to it. You cannot earn easy if you slack off. For example, here in cryptotalk. You can earn money easily here, but you need to be patient and hardworking in order to earn it because of its 100 posts quota. Point is, earning money's easy as long as you love what you're doing.
  2. I agree with this. Ethereum does not have a lower probability of not earning anything compared to other coins(except bitcoin). I also believe that it will also be included as one of the most popular coins in the future and one of the most used if ever cryptocurrencies would be used by bigger groups of people.
  3. I know that the price of this Basic Attention Token can increase more from 2020 or 2025 because many people know it and many people are involved or using it. That is why I think the Basic Attention Token will have a price increase and its number of users will also increase as well.
  4. I have not purchased anything with my bitcoin because I believe that it could still be used wisely by saving it and investing into something you know you can earn more profit. It is more important to think that way so you can save up for the future that cryptocurrencies would boom and you could also use that when the time comes.
  5. Even when I do not know that much about crypto back then, bitcoin is something I always hear and I think that with its popularity, it is agreeable that bitcoin is reigned as the king of cryptocurrency right now and no one still has been able to compete with it.
  6. I guess it depends on you if you always put your money to high risk circumstances in crypto that you will start losing it. For me, crypto is a money-making machine that lets you have the opportunity to earn money in the easiest way possible. You could choose where your comfort it and start working hard at it. Just right then, you'll start earning.
  7. YouTube is not having any issues with their current payment method right now. I really do not think it is possible for the next couple of years that they will be using cryptocurrency because many people are still not knowledgeable about what it is and it would take them to explain to people first about it. I guess if it is first popularized and known by many people, that is where Youtube could possibly use crypto.
  8. The information that it gives is accurate and correct. I believe it helps you in trading for it openly provides the information you need to know when is the right time to invest your coin. That is why it is efficient to use the coiarketcap site.
  9. I do want to create my own coin and make my mark in the cryptoworld. But as of right now, I still do not have the right amount of resource that would do that. I heard that it takes and requires 2-4 BTCs for you to do that. But to have that, what you need is a TON of work, patience, and money.
  10. Looking at my sutuation right now, I think I will be sticking around for a while. Earning is hard for me right now and crypto helps me to have income and that helped me in many ways. But that does not mean that I would be sticking around for 5 years. Right now, though, I still enjoy crypto.
  11. If apple adopts bitcoin, then it will be really beneficial for bitcoin. Apple is known worldwide by many people. While bitcoin is also known worldwide, it is still not known by many people. If it would be introduced by apple, then the value of bitcoin would skyrocket because of many new investors that known bitcoin because of apple.
  12. I agree. Bitcoin has been in a streak of success that they could use it as a flow to make crypto bigger and more successful. Of course, it would not only affect bitcoin, but altcoins also. They have been taking baby steps in achieving positive outcomes and in the near future, success.
  13. I think that crypto will be good for the future. Just right now that it is not known yet by many people, crypto has been successful. What more if it would be introduced to all the people of the world? Lots of investors would come and the economic status of cryptocurrency would go up. Resulting for crypto's success. I always believe that crypto is for the future and that the future we are talking about is coming.
  14. Or you could also earn reputations if you are given likes with your posts. That is, for my case, my only opinion. It's because someone liked my post and that like indicated a "1" in my reputation from it being zero. So that's why I thought that earning reputations is the same as earning likes in your posts.
  15. Maybe you did not meet the requirement of 100 characters when you posted those posts so that it resulted for those to not be counted. Your post may also be uncounted(or deleted) by the admin if your post is not that relevant or did not meet the requirement of 100 characters.
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