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  1. i usually trade selling my coins for USD or Rubles although trading for usdt is also a good option, the yoda coin parity with usdt recently had a good return of up 100% .
  2. when there are effects on the price of bitcoin it is because there are news of problems in the economies of China or the United States that affect the price,also when there are sales of bitcoin with larges purses that affect the price of the currency.
  3. i beleive that fiat currencies will continue to work in conjunction with cyrptocurrencies since there are of great help for exchange transaction, also at parity with some cryptocurrencies they are of support to be able to invest in a more reliable way.
  4. fiat currencies have a different function from the known cryptocurrencies since they allow to be a backup of assets when there is a collapse in the fall of cryptocurrencies, as we know having fiat currencies help us to keep our money safe in case of a crisis in crypto currencies such as bitcoin.
  5. the blockchain can be said to be a set of technologies that allow a distributed, decentralized, synchronized and very secure record of the information being worked on in computer, it is like a public record of digital operations, it allows record transactions or smart contracts.
  6. no doubth that bitcoin is a worldwide trend and the big bitcoin holders are the ones that benefit from the millionarie profits, we as small investors can earn some dollars that allow us to have a good returns on our money, it all depends on how much bitcoin we have in our wallet.
  7. no doubt there are many currencies that when out to the market and could not stay in line due to problems in the trading, market volume and also because of financial problems that effect all cryptocurrencies and others only went out to finance some fraud function.
  8. perhaps in the future amazon will accept payments in cryptocurrency, it would be a good option for those of us who handle crypto although there are some pages where you can redeem amazon gift cards for cryptocurrencies and then marke purchases of items on the site.
  9. Russia is one of the countries where there is very strict control on crypto transactions and the government has not regulated the use of digital assets so there is a great risk that many companies and investors will lose their money if the use of crypto services is completely banned.
  10. the most interesting thing about the crypto world is that every day we learn something new that allows us to increase our knowledge especially in new innovations such as artificial inteligence, i have also seen lately about the master nodes to invest in them however i do not have the confidence to invest.
  11. throughout the history of bitcoin there have been situations in which many companies have defrauded several investors and unfortunately have lost their money or have not had access to their accounts, it is important to take into account where we want to invest and verify if the platform gives us reliability to invest safely.
  12. i have no information about Yobit,we are not allowing you to open new accounts, only that due to system failures you cannot register new accounts, you will have to wait for Yobit to enable the option since there is no other way to withdraw our cryptotalk earnings but through ou Yobit account.
  13. Samsung has been characterized by being one of the Korean companies that invests more in digital applications and for this reason in their smartphones is designing this function of being able to include a wallet, the process of being able to pay with the cryptocurrencies is a good project that will promote Samsung as a leader in implementing a more digitized system something that already handled with the function Samsung pay.
  14. without a doubt the people who have the most bitcoin in the world are super millionaires and they are usually yhe ones who started in the development of bitcoin,obtained coins at a low price ant after several in wich bitcoin went up in price they became millionaries.
  15. in the market of the cryptocurrencies there are several pages where we can visualize the different currencies as we know the most are coinmarketcap, coingecko and others more, in them we can find the volume of commercialization, the currencies with the best yields and also oficial data of each currency or tokens that have left recently,without a doubt every day there are more pages where we can check the movements of the cryptocurrencies.
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