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  1. Shahadatbd

    Why Panic

    Actually they make some worry and hagitage to the people. Who know about crypto and bitcoin they won't be worry when BTC price goes down. We will always buy BTC when it's price will go for down
  2. Why not if we can take BTC replacement of fiat then we can also take BTC as a replacement of PayPal. Most of the time we can keep our money safe in crypto. And also we can send our money easily.
  3. Hackers are always trying to collect our personal information. They are trying to send us email with a form and they give us a offer if we fill this form with our personal information they will give us free coin. We shouldn't fill this form.
  4. I always support the centralised coin. Because they had a government legality paper. If they goes for dump price I won't be worry. They should be raise more and it is more secure to use .
  5. That is wrong Idea about crypto and bitcoin. Because bitcoin can be use on mobile and PC and it can be transfer with internet not with electricity. So bitcoin doesn't waste electricity anytime.
  6. Because they are believe in old transection system. Most of the family who will know about Blockchain they will ignore it without any doubt. But after some times they can realise the demands of Blockchain
  7. Yes we should stay positive in crypto because lots of time bitcoin and crypto became raise without any pre prediction. So we can stay positive in crypto. Next year crypto can raise for big price.
  8. I think so Eth won't be raise anymore. Because we are seeing the Eth price from last two years in low stable price. When Eth price pump it was so much cheaper that can't be count.
  9. If you have no money to invest in crypto then you can sell your bike. But it had some risk too. Because you are a new crypto user so you have to gain some experience first then you can make profit.
  10. Yes we have to more smart to avoid the Scammers. We don't accept the big offer from unknown person. They will try to impress us with sweet talk but we have to talk more smartly.
  11. There are some reasons behind the scammers success. They will talk with us like a honest people. They will achieve our believe first. Then they will collect our personal information then they will scam with us.
  12. I don't invest my full BTC into crypto. Some BTC I always hold in my private mobile BTC wallet. Because if anytime I lost my current BTC then I can use my little BTC amount. So I always keep my BTC my mobile wallet.
  13. No anytime bitcoin don't become useless. Because we had heard that bitcoin is the future currency. We should support BTC to touch its goal. BTC now become the most demandable currency in the world.
  14. There are lots of things which have to know the new crypto beginners. They should read the roadmap and white paper of the coin. They also try to read the white paper. Then they should learn about trading.
  15. If you want to earn money easily then you have work on crypto. You can earn 30$ per day just with trading. Because trading is the most easier way to earn money in short time.
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