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  1. The mean reason of deleting post is low quality post. If your post was not perfect enough your post will be deleted. Besides this if your post was already posted your post will be delete. So you should follow all forum rules and be careful.
  2. Crypto-currencies are only supported in world top countries. But other countries are observing it. I think in future every country will support it. There are so many reason they do not supporting it. One of them is there is no way to track transection. Bedsides this crypto-currency too much unpredictable.
  3. I think that was really unfortunate. We should be careful next time. Thank you for sharing us your bad experience. We should never believe everyone on this forum. I hope this post will help others. Next time be careful.
  4. Unfortunately this system is off. You will not get double talk coin for completing your reputation. This is really a bad decision. This old system was really great. We all was benefited by that. I think admin will bring new existing offer very soon.
  5. People started to sell their talk token. This is really bad. They should not do that. Only for them we all are facing loss. I think crypto talk forum admit should do something about that otherwise they will loss so many good forum member.
  6. There are lots of benefit of reputation. You would not be paid without positive reputation. So you should follow all forum rules and always post good post. I think if you can maintain this you will get enough reputation.
  7. 2020 is one of the worst year for every sector of life. But for crypto world it was completely different. The price of cryptos increase too much unexpectedly. Beside this so many countries realize the importance of cryptos. So I think 2020 is the best year for crypto market.
  8. Absolutely you can profit from your investment. Look if you can not gain profit from your investment you should never invest. First of all you should learn than you should invest. If you do not do that there are no chance to get profit from your investment.
  9. Alt coins are the best for trading. By using them we can gain profit and we can also reduce our loss. But we should always be careful before buying any alt coin. We should do our research about that can otherwise there are a huge chance of loss.
  10. MacOS is one of the most secured computer OS in the world but now hackers hacking mac for bitcoin mining. I think this is really bad news for crypto lovers. For this hackers crypto world losses its fame. I think they should stop it as soon as possible.
  11. This is really a bad news for new investors. I am going to buy some bitcoin for long term investment but unfortunately btc price down. For this I do not buy it. But I think it will down more for a little time. So we should wait and be prepare for next bull run.
  12. Binance is one of the best crypto trading website and this site always brings unbelievable offers. This exchange is too much secured that's why every top class traders always support this site. There referring programme was so cool.
  13. Sometimes I think I am lucky but sometimes I am not. When I gain profit by trading I thought I am the luckiest person in this world but unfortunately sometime I loss lots of coin because of my poor trading skill. But I am always positive because positiveness brings success. So we all should be postive.
  14. Absolutely this forum help me a lot in this pandemic situation. I earn money pocket money from this forum and I use them to trade in yobit for extra profit. Believe me this helps me a lot. I think lots of people have been benefitted by crypto talk in this bad situation.
  15. There are lots of advantage of meeting people in crypto world. By meeting with people you will gain lots of knowledge about crypto world and you would be benefited with that. But besides this there are lots of bad people in this world who would like to scam with you and stole your money. I think this is the only disadvantage.
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