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  1. First of all your question is no clear to us. I get your question mean in two type. 1. You want to withdraw your assets from exchange account to your personal account. 2. You want to withdraw your assets bin your Native currency. If it is question 1, i suggest you to use Litecoin for low cost. because Litecoin withdraw fee is too low compared with Bitcoin or ethareum. So it's best if you want. If it is second question, there are some website you find to exchange crypto currency to native currency. Or you can exchange it to Perfect money and transfer it into bank. Thank you.
  2. I never done a bounty completely. Last month i was work on two bounty but only report two or three weeks. I don't know they can paid me for this works. So, from bounty my income is 0$. If they pay, it's going to my first earning from bounty. But i earn good enough from airdrop. More times i joined some best airdrop and earn some handsome amount from this.
  3. Yes ,you are right. Most of the scammer are used top class exchange name that's why the can easily scam with us. We must aware from this.
  4. Very happy to after knows that. Crypto currency can help you to lead a good life. I was involved with this last 4 years. I was interested with this from 2015. 1st 2016 i can get scope to earn some free coin and sell them btc and get in native currency. How much is it? want to know that? it's only 2$. I was really happy for that. those 2$ can may me happy ever. Now 50$ can't me make happy those type. But i can't work here regularly, that's the reason for my slow earning. Thanks for sharing your happiness.
  5. I think income is others think. It's basically a discussion forum. You may discussion with others in crypto related thinks. Payment is a promotional side i think. If you make a quality post or comment you may benifited for this. But the post or comment must be co-related and the post should be 100 character without space. Thank you.
  6. I don't understand,this reply can be related with this topic?? or you can want to just make a post or comment and increase your total post number? if you do this regular, your account may be banned anytime easily. It's look like spam, so try to ignore it. We are from same country that why i am going to suggest you that. On the other hand, We can't say that niw the OGN future. But i think it's goid project. Hopefully it stand strongly in the crypto war.
  7. There is nothing happened without any valid reason. There is a reason also for banned new account. Most of new user can't read the rules and regulations of the forum. They posted anything, Double posting abs spam here. First time i also can get a 7 day's warning for double posting. But now i can understand what is allow here or not. You can see, my previous comment is only a single word (Hello). If you can post/comment this type , you can also get banned or demerit point. I hope you can understand everything. Follow the rules, nothing can happen.
  8. Crypto is one kind of share market. Anything think can be happen anytime. You make a huge profit from here or you may loss your total assets here. But if you have good technique about this you may get some good profit from here. You can't be rich via crypto but you can earn good enough from the crypto. But greedyness is fact of this. If you want to earn high from crypto became a rich early, i can guarantee it that you may loss your all investment. Thank you.
  9. Not a huge amount but i think it's good enough. If i compared between work and payment it might be sufficient for that. I was very thankful to you that, because you share it with me and us in another social media. you explain the all things clearly and suggest us to join this as early as possible. Personally i am thankful to you for sharing your knowledge with us. In previous time you also help us. Hopefully in future you also help us. Thank you.
  10. It's depends on popularity. For beginning time it also hard for bitcointalk to maje their community strong. But after a long duration they are now on a good position. On the other hand cryptotalk look like a new flatfrom. They trying to reach the member and catch them. That's why they promotion there community with some donation or benifited their members. After a time ,if cryptotalk get there position they also create some rules for those time. May be those time member need to pay for join this community. Just my personal thinking. Take it easily.
  11. Everything have negative and positive side. Crypto currency has also positive and negative side. Positive is many people are coming work on here, they earning from here and maintain their family. It's help to lead them life easier way. It's increase the per head income which is going to direct impact on the economy. Negative side is ,everyone use crypto for transfer be there funds. That's why decrease the remittance. The terrorism process are increase. They hide them easily.
  12. Good Suggestion. But i didn't be think that Bitcoin gose down again now. it will be better for hold Bitcoin now. Bitcoin can hit $15k-$16k this time easily. But we can't guarantee it. Everyone thake their own risk in crypto market. Although if you can't take risk you can't get benifit. If you take you high risk you may make a good/high profit. I can share my personal opinion here, hope you may take it easily. Thank you.
  13. $8000!!!!!!! I don't know how to you think about this? Bitcoin current price is $9800. How to you imagine that? if it going to $800-$1000 i think it is the best price for now. i am not sure that is eth can hit $1000 in 2020? But in crypto market anything can be happen. but I don't think so in 2020 it's possible. In 2022 hopefully it can do this. That's also just a possibility.
  14. Initially i was used google authenticator. But unfortunately may be i wasn't sign up with google. Thats why when i lost my phone i lost all of the code. In this i can't login more exchange now. After all now i can use authy application, which is more similar like google authenticator. Now i can't make a mistake. i was sign up with my mobile numbe. It's more safe and trustable. Thank you so much for understanding.
  15. Both are very important. But for safety i can suggest you to gold coin. In bitcoin it can be downgrade or lost its price easily. in crypto market anything could be happen anytime. But gold coin depends on market demand and supply. but can't be down its price easily. Thats why it's better option for stake your assets easily using goldcoin. thank you.
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