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  1. Thank you for your advice, it looks like I'm interested, I want to buy and hold it for the next few years, I hope I will benefit from this investment, first I will count how many coins I will buy.
  2. Ipal

    Cryto world

    The crypto world is a solution, where we have been monopolized by banks, we must follow the rules of the bank, but with the presence of the crypto world we can manage our own finances, we have control of our money and this is called a new future.
  3. I think that's part of the risk of trading, if we want to get big profits, indeed we have to be less greedy, because greed if you are lucky to get big profits.
  4. If you are afraid you should not invest, the market is down I am also afraid, but that fear must be resisted so that I can continue to trade.
  5. It's difficult to access crypto in China, I don't know what the problem is, but I don't think China wants its people to use Ethereum, they only want to use one currency, so if they want to use cryptocurrency, they have to make it themselves, if others don't can.
  6. I agree with you, we better get a little profit than having to lose everything, if we want to trade long-term better we use hardware to be safer.
  7. Ipal

    Shit- abondoned coins

    Yes, many coins die here, therefore if we want to invest better, we think first, choose coins that really generate profit.
  8. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, each of which has a different value, and can be converted to fiat currency, the value of which changes at any time to make cryptocurrency can be used as an investment and trading tool such as stocks.
  9. With the implementation of this achievement system makes Bitcointalk followers less and less, so this forum is difficult to grow, indeed fraud is lost but does it have to be paid for with the fall of bitcointalk.org?
  10. I think cryptocurrency doesn't break the law, laws are made so cryptocurrency violates, I think we really need a system like cryptocurrency, which doesn't require large fees, fast transactions. I think convenience is in Crypto, but the problem is in the government system that limits cryptocurrency.
  11. The bitcoin process is reduced by half, I think this is a good step, so the price of bitcoin in the future is even better, many people are nervous about the current price, but I think it will end soon and it will rise again.
  12. I don't know how much bitcoin there is in this world, obviously I just want to trade, if bitcoin in this world runs out then bitcoin is of no value it is very dangerous for me, because I don't have any more income.
  13. The purpose of the trade that must be set is, how much profit will be gained from trading, and minimize the risk of losses experienced, so we have a trading plan.
  14. If crypto was adopted in all countries, many banks would be closed, because banks could no longer monopolize public money, and could no longer control their finances, they would go bankrupt.
  15. I think there is no need to learn to trade cryptocurrency, just need to read a little about cryptocurrency and learn to trade on the exchange, then you can trade directly, the longer you will become a professional trader.
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