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  1. I find there are many ways for you to refer to the fastest and easiest way to earn bitcoins is to participate in free coin games from websites or using digital signatures.
  2. I think the age of 40 is not too old for entering the bitcoin market. As long as you have a good amount of knowledge and mental acumen, I believe you can trade easily. Good luck!
  3. In the future I think bitcoin will be accepted soon in the world because I have seen a company of some country that has accepted salary payment in bitcoin instead of cash.
  4. I think the reason that many people think that the cryptocurrency market is going to die is that many people don't use and trade coins anymore. But it is impossible because more and more people are participating in the cryptocurrency market
  5. In my opinion this is not the time you buy bitcoins. Currently their prices are quite high, if you buy now you will suffer losses so I advise you not to buy them at the moment
  6. If you study them well it will be good and in contrast to those who do not have knowledge of them will be bad, maybe people who have no knowledge of transactions will ruin their bitcoin.
  7. I think normal trading with bitcoin is risky, and gambling with cryptocurrencies is risky and takes more. I think you should not be involved in gambling with cryptocurrencies.
  8. If it were me, I would choose to invest rather than trade bitcoin every day. I tried trading once before and I failed at that time. That's why I chose to invest bitcoin even though it had lower profits than trading.
  9. If millions of other people know about bitcoin, the use of bicoin will increase and the value of the profits of millions will help their countries to develop more economically. Do you see what I said is true?
  10. That's great, I think the bitcoin market is quite stable in the future and now. I hope my country will soon change the method of salary payment in bitcoin like in New Zealand
  11. I think this will be done sooner or later in the future that cash will be replaced by electronic money, just like I see now that many people use ATM cards to pay a lot. So in the future I think they will definitely happen.
  12. I can predict how bitcoin market volatility may go down, this is just a prediction in my mind. Because of supply and demand, bitcoin can increase or decrease and vice versa. How do you feel about this?
  13. I guess for sure bitcoin will grow in the future and even its price will be as high as possible so I will exist in this world. I have a dream that will save a lot of bitcoins for a lot of money.
  14. It is good if the Ministry of Education accepts the teaching of cryptocurrency or bitcoin in the curriculum. It will be a new change in the future of future generations. I think at that time the world will be more and more developed in the future.
  15. If I work hard, after 5 years I can earn 20 bitcoins even more. At that time, I will sell the current bitcoins in my wallet, I will use them for charity, helping poor children overcome difficulties.
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