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  1. That's an interesting topic can u advice us more please ??what can u tell about this information more ??
  2. Yes its is because of the Heat issue and also the CPU power as mining using CPU is different from mining using CPU because of Hashing Power.
  3. I knew it was a matter of time until we have another big announcement about another country accepting Blockchain tech after china.
  4. I think electrum is a good choice. I also recommend the offline wallet and bitcoin-core itself as an option
  5. I usually play in 1xbet and sofascore too
  6. Gambling is contained both negative way and positive way too because when u keep losing money and chances of win it go to the way negative then also breaks u down too but when u gamble well u become happy and u feel lucky too and u want to gamble more and more
  7. I usually gamble on 1xbet and sofascore too it's good app to apply in
  8. Gambling is more suspense but u will lose money more if u don't gamble well
  9. Trading is better than gambling but I love invest in gambling because it's suspense more and more exciting
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