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  1. the people will never invest in the digital world if they don't understand the blockchain system. so an important point for beginners is to understand the basic system of BTC and know every risk.
  2. well i think is our dreams and goals and we can earn more when we invest out money,time and effort. But unlike in other business I can say that bitcoin is the most risky investment. Because anytime it's value will fall down. We really need to invest bitcoin because we need innovate and bitcoin also allows us to transact money between countries in the world with an easy process without complicated administration and without paying taxes
  3. There are many speculations and predictions on what would be really happen on the year 2020 especially on the last quarter of the year 2020. They predicts that the price of bitcoin will rise to the moon when the 4th quarter of the year 2020 because of the halving that is happening right now but let's remember that this is only speculations and predictions. No one knows what would really happen in the future.
  4. The company that has so successfully advanced in the world market has learned over the course of its existence to assess the risks for investing its investments in new projects. If Apple has not yet contacted bitcoin, it means that they either know something or are not sure about the profitability of this enterprise
  5. Thanks for sharing this article. But in this crypto space if you are a lazy person who can't make spend some time to research, you will definitely get scammed. If you are lazy to read and research about any crypto project, you will get scammed..
  6. it's true that both coins are the best choice for this year because I'm sure the two coins will give a big profit this year because now the two coins have started there are good price increases
  7. Last year was a great time for the ICO investors. But in this bear market many persons are afraid to invest in ICO because often the price will fall after exchange listing. Many ICOs already requires KYC. Also there are so many copy projects without new ideas.
  8. The me one of the biggest mistakes that people do when they are in the market of cryptocurrencies is to trade without a plan, many people try to become traders without any experience and as you may guess the success rate is very low, not only because they have almost no knowledge about how to trade but because they have no plan, they let their emotions take control of them and that is the fastest way to become poor in cryptocurrencies.
  9. I think your given link is not a safe place to buy! You can buy Gold or Silver by bitcoin in this forum with escrow service. Bitcointalk has marketplace section, where anybody can buy and sell anything! Therefore, To Buy Gold and silver with bitcoin, you can find some websites through searching on google. But I would suggest you Buy from this forum with an escrow service. That will be safe and secure.
  10. There's still no official announcement that bitcoin will be accepted as payment by amazon. But looking forward to buy items in amazon using bitcoin as payment in every transaction. This will be such a big help for those cryptocurrency holders like us. This will be very convenient.
  11. shadbe5315

    Trading advice

    The thing that I will share to all the beginners who wants also to make income here in bitcoin talk, Please make a reading a habit for you to be able to cope in the new environment you want to join and want to learn, Always make sure that you will follow all the rules that they make here for you to able to be here longer, dont spammed and don't talk shitty post for you to able to keep your rank higher. When you have the chance to be here don't waste this chance and make the most of it.
  12. It's take a long time to countries accept the bitcoin. If bitcoin enters in to the country local fiats will be affected. That is the main reason countries not accepting bitcoin legally. compare to fiat bitcoin is more profitable and gain more profits. The economy of the country have good growth. Now bitcoin is become more popular among people. In future surely it will be accepted by all the countries.
  13. From so far as I have observed, the stable altcoin movement is just ethereum. I note, the increase in ethereum is done consistently, albeit only slowly, but ethereum can do it routinely and well. So that ethereum can achieve a value as it is today, even because of its potential, ethereum had reached the highest value of 1.2k.
  14. You can do trading coin to take income.Performing facet work this kind of as designing, mentranslate and other issues. Marketing services is a great choice.Follow the bounty and giveaway plan and can also engage in survey and ptc.
  15. Well rating is the best option for choosing best coins because if you start searching of other crypto so will see a clear difference between bitcoin and other crypto because bitcoin is a different crypto then other because bitcoin price is high and its acceptable to many countries and still more countries are joining it so its users are also very high as compare to any other currency that’s can make you clear about choosing coins so I will prefer bitcoin as compare to other currency.
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