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  1. The best way to avoid the scammer first report there in this forum and the second before believing anyone you have to get information from it and don't trust any unknown person are don't click on any links
  2. You have to see the current price with the past price of the bitcoin then only you can know whether it is in profit or loss if you bought bitcoin with less price and the graph is going up then you are in profit, many trader used to buy bitcoin and hold it so that the price will rise and they can sell it for the future to maximize the profit
  3. judges introducing many coin so that some of the coins villain and also it will be in demand as like bitcoin and ethereum, but many of the coins fail so it will be better if you exchange it with any reputed coins
  4. The form is essential not only for the source of income but also for the source of knowledge about bitcoin and cryptocurrency it is very helpful for each and every members who are working on the farm it helps them a lot from every part
  5. If there will be no bitcoin then the crypto not survive in this market it would be very difficult for it just as the value when the demand of bitcoin is, it made the crypto to survive
  6. Ranking system in this forum works on the number of post and comments you did ATS the comments and post increases the ranking of the member also increases
  7. If you did the topic and the members give you correct suggestion and give the suggestions are valuable then you should give life to them but if some members are not giving correct suggestion solution and you should not give them likes
  8. Thank you for saying this information my friend it was very helpful for me as I am a new member I can also be the part of the scammer, it was very helpful for me
  9. Yes nowadays that means taking some steps against the spammers and cleaning the form and it will be also helpful for the new members and also the present members this should do the work like this so that everybody can easily work on it
  10. yes you are right my friend you should never settle hours am down even though my comments are deleted everyday then also I boost up myself everyday so that I will give some knowledge and earn some bitcoin for me
  11. Thank you for this valuable information this was very helpful for me new member so I don't know much about this firm and I want to know how the comment will not be deleted your post is very helpful to overcome this problem
  12. Yes just because there are many new members who don't know what to say and also they don't have perfect knowledge about it, so it would be rather good if the the old members start making post for them
  13. yes you are right my friend every new members and also the old members should follow the rules of this forum and then only this try to poster comment otherwise it will be harmful for them
  14. Sorry my friend I am new member in this forum I don't have any idea about this. I don't think so that they will ban the idea of a reputed member
  15. Yes if you will see then we want stablecoins just because with the fraction of the price of the coins there is also the fluctuation in the transaction fee it would be better if there will be e stable coin
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