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  1. I never figure out why bitcoin so volatile but i think volatile not always bad as you can see on 2017 bitcoin price was so volatile at that time but the positive impact for the people is those volatility dominated by uptrend which is hard to find lately
  2. You says DAI was stable coin which is aiming the price worth to $1 and i think it can be called as stable coin because the current price seems never rise up or fall and it stick to $1 as aiming price
  3. Nothing impossible in crypto world and the current distance of market cap between Eth and bitcoin approximately $13 billion and for the first term if eth want to surpassing bitcoin then this altcoins have to increase the market cap
  4. For me bitcoin cash is not more than the halving of bitcoin even when i got it after halving day i was sell it immediatelly without hold and until now i do not too concern about the price of movement from this coins
  5. Sure and you will be a millionare immediatelly because i'm sure the profit will be so huge and this is dream for each bitcoin users that buy low and sell at expensive price
  6. They offering those bonus because this can attract people trade at there so basically you not necessary to deposit but if you're good in trading then the profit can be withdraw and there are no sites give the particular amount of money for free and usually there are some requirements
  7. This is exactly what i mean that both of them are important in people lives so it's not wise if we attempts to eleminated between them so in the future crypto and fiat are walking together is much better than always be compare them
  8. Did you already sold your crypto assets because if you still hold them technically you still can see your investment value decrease but still not losing your money yet and hold much longer is good idea until wait the price bounce back again
  9. Your thought was wrong i think for those who hold coins is really understand how to trading but indeed usually they have target price to achieved and if they thought still not achieve the price then hold sometimes could be good options so hold isn't so bad because basically in trading we have to see all of possibility to earn money
  10. I have never get any experience such as this before unless the exchange got hack which is technically the exchange isn't stole people money and during trading to avoid this i think it's simple that stick to the trustable and popular exchange
  11. Unfortunately i didn't get this offers while i was very active at there few years ago and i think this is one of way how to increase their costumers again because everybody know poloniex users has been switch to another exchange such as binance and with this offer i think they hoping will get more traders active
  12. Bitcoin is recommended as investment portfolio but to get profit from bitcoin it took time to do so and most people suggests after buy then hold the bitcoins until the price better or highest than the current price
  13. I'm not sure if the exchange got hacked the owners will compensate us because basically they also the victim such as their costumers and trustable exchange will not guarantee safe 100%
  14. It was happened 5 years ago when my friends invite me to his house and he explain to me what is bitcoin and he says we can earn money from bitcoin and honestly at that time i was very blind for bitcoin knowledge
  15. Trading risk not only dominated by scam coins although you were choose legit coins but if the price don't good then you will lost too and i personally considers scam coins can threat the investment purpose but not on trading
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