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  1. Correct me if i'm wrong but you were talking about invest your small money to buying knowledge from some of sources and so far that's good but besides that knowledge also isn't good to earn money from crypto and capital amount of money also necessary to starting it
  2. Same location while making posts would be fine and i think there is no problem about that but you have to remember you and your brother don't use same wifi because it can be identified as multiple accounts and you and your brother account can be banned because of it
  3. Thanks for the warning and indeed few months ago i was received unknown telegram user through my telegram account and they offering double my money after invested and so far i had ignore them and remove them
  4. I think there is no rule about this problem because although you didn't making posts for several months then your accounts won't automatically banned and so far banned account dominate by spam, copy paste or other rules
  5. Earning money is yes but besides that i think i have already increase my crypto knowledge because read people posts very often so besides money i also earn knowledge in this forum
  6. No particular reasons why i didn't create my own topics and sometimes i was thinking some of topics have great value to discuss so instead of making my own topics i think better start to joining conversations with other people on those topics
  7. Some people dare to quit from their real jobs and focus to trading because they have a lot of experience and knowledge but this is risky to those who have no knowledge and experience and i suggest to you learn more before making trading as your source of income
  8. How far this project will be succesful and when it will be launched because i heard this since beginning of last year but the progress seems very slow however last time i heard it confirmed the wallet is for Eth but not bitcoin
  9. I guess this is about pay per posts payment which is people can earn satoshi from here and so far i have already devide 50% my earning convert to my local currency and keep the rest of my earning to buy altcoin and hold
  10. Yo token was different than Yoda and the current price for Yo tokens was very much higher than Yoda so do not be mistakes because they are clearly different and the latest news for Yo tokens is will be listed on the big exchange which is possible the price will increase again more than now
  11. That's why bitcointalk called the biggest bitcoin forum in the world because at that forum satoshi nakamoto makes some posts like his idea or related to bitcoin and although still anonymous but we still can see his write at there
  12. Some banks in china use blockchain so it obviously they aware for this technology even if there was no corona virus epidemic they have a plan to launch their own cryptocurrency this year so i think china have important role for bitcoin world
  13. So far not many people joining crypto world in my country because i have to says majority people have none of knowledge related to crypto but compare between to the situations 2 years ago and the current year i think the progress was very good because gradually bitcoin users has been increasing
  14. That site isn't wallet and more likely a faucet with several popular features such as dice game and lottery so i personally won't recommend to stores you bitcoin at there because i highly doubt with their security system
  15. Superred

    Yobit wallet

    Yobit have wallets and usually it used for saving people funds and of course they stores people funds to cold wallet however if you thought wallet to keep your crypto assets then yobit too similar such as online wallet because besides for trading places people also can save their funds at there
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