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  1. I choose both also because a year from now social media like fb will be producing their own coin. And I while having social media I won't give up my crypto talk
  2. The main reason for banning new accounts is that when the admin detected that you are using multiple accounts that's the time that they will banned it. Or they are doing copy and paste thing which newbies mostly did
  3. Yeah! Because those newbies are came only to earn that's why they does that. They will just try to anything that they want just to say that they will surpass the 100 post before they got earn also the copy paste thing.
  4. No. It's not true that you will get banned because it will send a code for verification that it is still you. I changey phone also because it is broken and still I can access my account
  5. I joined this site last January because of airdrops. This site is very good for me . I can earn using my thoughts so that's so great. Unlike other ways of earnings you will waste your time
  6. Not all newbies are following the rules most of the newcomer today are doing copy and paste . I just saw them in some forums but if they will get reported they will get banned I hope they Know that.
  7. At first I don't know about crpytotalk at all. But a airdrops brought me here. And I was very thankful. Main goal actually is to earn Bitcoin. And be successful with the help of this good site
  8. Just like forgot password and add the recovery email account but you must know all the details of your email account. But if you don't any alternate email you will not have your account back.
  9. Copy of trading is mostly used by forex trading I don't know any exchanger of Bitcoin that have this kind of options. You should try trading on yourself. Rather than copying others trading
  10. As of now I am loving I never tried the dice I just like the trading system because it Automatically have generated numbers and price no need to have any complicated things
  11. Yes. You can buy Google card through Bitcoin some exchanger have that offer. And some Google apps supporting crypto world so you can avail that through Bitcoin
  12. For me it work if we will use both to collect and invest. Of course people like me should earn first because I don't have enough money and after I collect I will invest especially yobit exchanger really works for me.
  13. For me I always choose Eth because I believe in it . We cannot predict which coin have the highest market every day but just believe in your coin and everything will be alright as it ha a potential to go higher and higher just hold on
  14. For me confirmation is not annoying it is their way to have time and check if it's the wallet is available. But the most annoying I have encountered in earning crypto is those mining that never pay
  15. Every investment is risky not only for crypto currency but also in all aspects of investment. But you can try a small amount of investment if you want in crypto unlike other investment you need to have a lot of money to invest
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