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  1. There is lot of places and apps from where you can check the value of Bitcoin with other coins you can also check it on googleabout the value of Bitcoin in terms of other coins so that you can exchange it and can you can analyse the profit from use coin you can take more
  2. Every token has its own merits and demerits so it depends upon you what you want to buy a what you will prefer whatever you prefer you should do it perfectly so that you can maximize your profit and you're not in loss
  3. To gain followers or to get reputation you have to make qualitative post about some good topic so that everybody can discuss about it you have to provide good information and suggestion to the members then only you can get followers
  4. Yes you are right The telegram is full of scammers everybody should be aware of this specially the beginners don't be afraid to do scammers don't click and link nor trust anyone
  5. I don't think that there is a need of any another form this form is much for us and this provides a perfect information to everyone who are the part of this forum
  6. Now a days internet is not safe it is surrounded by hackers so show all the members should be aware of this things and the cyber crime is not going to help anything because the cryptocurrency are decentralized till now
  7. Yes right cryptocurrency give me a immense pleasure just not because give satoshi for posting and commenting but also I can have knowledge about trading and investment so that I can use dude Santoshi to maximize my profit
  8. come to this for my friend first of all you have to read the rules and regulation second you have to make hundred post or comment on different hundred topics 3rd each post and topic should have at least hundred characters and the last don't use multiple account
  9. Thank you for sharing this information and it will be profitable for me, from now I would use this trick that you have mentioned to me. I would request you to give some more useful trick like this
  10. Sorry to say but I don't have any perfect knowledge about it so I can't say anything much about this. And I don't want to give some inappropriate suggestion
  11. Although it is providing a very good amount of money to everyone and the money of the Bitcoin earn from here I used to store in the orbit and whenever there is rising price sI use to trade on it
  12. Yes you are right there are many members or almost all the members came here spend time in this form the students some handful of money so that they can manage their expenditure and also gain some knowledge about it but the first priority for everyone is to earn money
  13. Then you wish German just because their copy pasting others comment so I would rather suggest each and every member that please read the rules and then only start your work here otherwise don't do it you have to pay the consequences for it
  14. I don't know about this news but if also USA will start accepting Bitcoin then it is a very good news, slowly every country will legalize bitcoin and it will be very helpful for us
  15. Report this type of members and I would also request admin to remove all this members who are trying to to spread the spam around this form and it is very difficult for the new members who don't know about this anything and they will be the target for them
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