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  1. In some time ago I join thus site and I m very happy to there and I wish crypto is give long time relation to this forum.
  2. In my opinion no any person want to close this forum and I also wish the forum give long time earning.
  3. Dear All, If you see any spammer you see there its name and conversation marks up and see all to think moderate any action.
  4. First you enter email and password same as crypto then you email confirm and they pay easily.
  5. Please share there and also admin page to rectify spaming people and what's doing they please give prove .
  6. Hi dear . I have no idea and no see any thing to this your decision lead board to good members name where is?
  7. All members face this issue to deleted post no any solve this issue and any idea to resolve this matter.
  8. If you don't know to post comments you study and then reply there is increase your knowledge.
  9. I think this no need to any person to there because they lot plof people add and any other program link to add people so many fake.
  10. Yes its good to consider the yobit panel appears to count posts its helpful and easy to way of work.
  11. Many bank project related work failed due to last time ago inna time they totally worng because crutpo is huge platform and bank not coverd this.
  12. Its my part time job and to last days I very busy and I not completed my regular task I m so upset today also my task not completed.
  13. Woowww it's too good your post most useful and increase knowledge to all people and give good earning.
  14. Thank you for share this coin and token information its good for all and they most helpful to over forum.
  15. If good agree all thing is possible may be in future this helpful technology own to all countries.
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