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  1. Yes its true that we have getting many oppertunties of learning as well as earning on daily basis at this platform. At this forum my writing skills is improved and i have build good relation with peoples on this forum.
  2. I agree with you we can earn money as well as many oppertunties of learning that what is new trend of market and prices of all crypto currencies.
  3. Nobody can deny it i realy love with cruptotalk.org and Yobit for the project and their idea. They create oppertunties for bright income for people who want make money and learn knowledge and for me its big achivement learn about digital currencies.
  4. I agree with you no one can give any kind o gurantee that what will be future of crypto currency but we know that it will be spread in many countries .
  5. In fact we dont know what will happen in the future of cryptocurrencies if the price go down or up but i am sure that the future of cryptocurrencies will be good, more people will use crypto as a payment. At this forum in fiture we can work for reducing the unemployment from all over the world . So be work according the rules of crypto.
  6. welcome to at this great forum. I think it's easy to take part in the airdrop cryptotalk event. First you only need to post up to 100 useful. Then after that you will be paid 1,000 satoshi per post and a maximum of 30 posts every day. By this you can earn good money on daliy basis.
  7. Yes you are right mostly people don't know about the crypto world and they have getting knowledge about crypto from social media and other chanles. Now its our responsiablity aware people about crypto.
  8. I agree with you that mostly young people who are students or unempoleyed are working on this forum. They are fullfill their needs by working at this platform.
  9. This is reality that if risk will high profit will be high. So if you wanna earn mkre profit you should have to invest your coins.
  10. If this news true than that is the best thing for all users wiho arw working with at this forum. Dubai launching tax free zone its will helpfull for all stake holders and big development in that forum.
  11. There are lot of ways to convert your cryptocurrenvy in real money. And the best way in my point of view is convert in BTC and then deposit in perfect money. After that you can send him in your desired account.
  12. I agree with you that if you wanna more profit then business is nacessary for suitable way of earning, but its need huge investment then we can start business.But at this forum we can earn lot of money without any investment.
  13. Bro if you have complete your 100 free usefull post then you can share 30 post in a day and you will earn 1000 satoshi for every post. After that you can send him in btc and withdawarl money in your desired account.
  14. Congratulation bro to become a full member of cryptotalk and my best whishes with you that you achive vip rank and guide all new users how to work on crypto talk.
  15. In my opnion cryptotalk is giving to all its users equal oppertunties of earning as well as learning. Every body can here earn as they wish and work without any problem. This is beauty of cryptotalk.
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