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  1. Thanks for the information, it helps inexperienced users (such as me) to understand how and what to do, let's hope that after reading people will post useful news more often
  2. Very good contribution. It is always good to secure our wallets to avoid attacks and lose our money. The other options they have placed are the ones I use.
  3. Yeah totally agree. That's a not a roulette that you need to only click "buy" and "sell". So you really need brain for that
  4. As far as I know, ASIC is a specialized system by its own name. The firmware is clearly blocked when only digging BTC because when you come, each currency is a little different.
  5. To learn trading you have to begin with a small amount that you risk to loose it,start with small exchange tradesatoshi for example to know how to place order and buy or sell some coins,then you can go to the big exchange with a big volume of trade like binance yobit huobi bittrex and more
  6. im very agree for number four, rumor or we can said fundamental in cryptocurrency is very important as we can see if we hear negatif rumor price will down very fast
  7. I like trading eth to btc because of the low fee in eth than btc. Btc takes time in transactions while eth is good at all aspects
  8. You shouldn't panic but wait. Wait untill price moves up again. Have hope, we are here for the long term. Don't make it look like gambling, it's holding and we should better hold for a very good green.
  9. I did not plan to buy any bitcoin in the coming months, because I am busy to diversify my portfolio. If decline continues to sub 7000 levels, it might be interesting to pack some more btc though
  10. Being in the right place at the right time saves lives. I had tether in my wallet (I was in the right place) and now I'm going to get bitcoin (because it's the right time)
  11. If you hear other people's opinions about altscoins that are going to go up or you follow signal groups, you will be leaving all your money in the hands of other people, you should see your own charts and make your own analysis.
  12. I am also need this answer anybody here can tell me that is bot trading is ligal or not if not trading is ligal which crypto exchange webs allowing this and how much gains any one get their from this way trading
  13. This is very true. While being optimistic is a good thing, being over optimistic and greedy just leads one to certain losses. It's always better to set daily goals in trading and invest carefully rather than putting shots at every market and pairs.
  14. well I am always buying some every month for a couple years now.. I am also doing some trading, claiming faucets, signatures campaigns and other things to get some for free.. All in all I can say it's worth my time. I d say that now is probably a good time to buy, btc prices seem to have stabilized and sooner or later a pump will probably come!
  15. Bitcoin core is the best crypto currency ever, it is the first cryptocurrency, the one that turn the world attention to a new way of transfering money over the internet and insure the need for privacy in the financail sector.
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