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  1. You are right this is a term of human nature when he greed. But we have to control it by practice in trading with small amounts. It will give experience and profit.
  2. If we find a way to find the lost crypto . it will create a mess to the whole crypto world. Because if we lose our any password to any account or any bank code we can recover them by the company/organization record. Bit crypto does not have any record of stolen or missing.
  3. Forex trading has its own place in the trading. And stock exchange alos has its own . but crypto currency is approximately different to other trading procedures. Crypto isn't sponsored/owned by someone but other trading elements are. Because crypto can be mined by anyone but fiat can't be created by anyone rather than govt.
  4. Check the transferring amount fee before sending. And you have to put the wallet address where you want to transfer and put it in yobit exchanges transferring menu then send it.
  5. You are not the only member we all were facing this before. And I was thinking that this is my fault,or did posted something out of rule, but that wasn't the problem.. I checked most of the topics were deleted where I post comment.
  6. There are many things related to the bitcoin to decrease or increase. This can be bullrun,boostup, .. when the volatile coin decrease we can't predict what will happen.
  7. Trading give feelings of anxiety to newer in trade. But the experienced one is having strategic mind. And it is normal to get nervous when you invest huge amount. Losing the amount will give you the experience for your future investments... You always gain something while trading.
  8. I think I'm a little bird in this large world of crypto. And I also want to travel this world. Crypto bring me again to trading and I'm in debt of crypto and this forum and also the yobit exchange.
  9. They are going to make a big mistake by shutting down crypto exchanges. The exchanges in a country is a mark of peace. And also it holds unemployment in a country. There are many benefits of crypto didn't they know.!
  10. Ubisoft have the power of programmers and engineers who work with them and also they have popularity in video games category . and I hope that they will invent something new in crypto world.
  11. Samsung is well known as a symbol of technology and invention. This big step towards crypto by Samsung is appreciated. And this wallet is coming with non custodial services of crypto. I will purchase this kind of technology when our government accepts crypto.
  12. Forum didn't give us any special gift .but they are giving us a lot. But I have some friend who know about crypto I send them some satoshi as a gift for valentines day.
  13. Thank you for sharing your issue and experience. And don't worry about these issues forum's senior members will help you out . and I now I'm cautious about these kind of scammer thank to cryptotalk.
  14. Your goal has very hard path. But I'm planning to make some amount approximately half bitcoin and I will invest that amount in yobit exchange.
  15. This decision is depending on you strategy of investment or if you didn't make any plan before investing huge amount . you will need experienced persons advice on your current situation.
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