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  1. In order to use buy and sell order click to desire currency you want to sell or buy , then in sell/buy section put your value buy/sell and the click on place order (sell/buy) button .
  2. Crypto dusting is very dangerous thing to afraid of. They are using our transaction or transferring process as a target and this is very cheap trick used by hackers.
  3. You are right but most countries does not allow crypto. And now there are some companies. Those are planning to give insurance to crypto buyers.
  4. It was brilliant news . but I was thinking this was going to happen because Dubai is a business country and it is evolving day by day .. It will bring more crypto businessman to dubai.
  5. I can't predict this . because market has volatility to wrong our predictions . I think now the top ten coins will stay in top because of demand and name. Every one knows that a new coin can be fraud or dead. That's why every one trust on the trusted ones.
  6. Even if you have the worlds best security but you have be careful to hackers . because crypto is not officially accepted in many countries.. if your country doesn't accept and your crypto is hijacked by the hackers then you can't report to govt.
  7. Giving the crypto to custodians is a good choice because it is tension free investment than trading or holding. And there are scams ..but in giving your crypto in right hands will give profit.
  8. That should be a great news to heard that countries after countries accepted cryptocurrency... Thailand govt Acceptance of crypto will give a chance to analyse for Indonesia . and it will soon accept crypto when he will look at the increasing economy rate of Thailand.
  9. This is very big evolutionary step taken by Thai government and this will enhance the businesses in Thai land. And I hope that our country do this favour to us.
  10. gold is natural element of the earth and bitcoin is not. And I think I'm in love with bitcoin because of its availability because gold can be fully mined from mines any time . but btc mining never stops.
  11. It was happened to me and I was thinking that my network problem but when a friend told that not to worry about this error. And I also think that this isn't a big problem.
  12. You are going to break the rules .. You get your accounts banned.. Because this action of your will be considered as double IP or account spam .
  13. I was thinking before and I also saw a dream of it. But for now the super coin for me is bitcoin and satoshi earned from this forum with added bonus knowledge.
  14. You just remind me of economic formula of demand supply and quantity. And bitcoin is the fastest growing coin ever in the market. And it evolves in our economy very fast.
  15. He is the legendary man alive ..he has very brilliant mind of evolution. And when he appeared he had nothing but now he has 19 billion net worth. I'm Inspired by him.
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