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    Friends, I am a student. I am working with you in this forum. I really like the forum. I am gaining a lot of knowledge as well as anointing here. Have good proficiency in English. I spend one to two hours here every day. Now I want your opinion Is cryptotalk really suitable for our students?
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    Members!! Another important and useful benefit that you can earn from this platform is that you can improve your communication skills by spending decent amount of time in this forum. Because what we are doing here is writing our view about cryptocurrencies and reading others opinions. Therefore a communication link is formed. And you develop on that everyday.
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    I think Cryptocurrency trading is risky and highly speculative, so there is no low-risk way of trading. However, traders can mitigate some risks by following a few simple rules. Important: This is not investment advice. We present a number of common arguments for and against investing in this commodity.
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    With the beginning of the new year, what do you think of the future of this wonderful forum
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    Many of the the beginners don't know the rules and regulations of the forum. They post without knowing the topic properly. So, in my opinion they should research on the topic 1st. They must make sure that the post is enough informative and and helpful to other users. They should never try copy someone else's content that can lead them to various problems.
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    My question is that if we forget to give reputations someday, it will be paid or not on that day. Recently my friend had asked me this question that if I forgot to give the reputations, I will get the income of that day or not. So I told him I don't know, I'll take the information then and tell you .i need help. Can anyone tell me about that. Thanks in advance 💖!
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    Hello my friends, how are you? My friends, I will ask a question that I hope everyone will answer, why do we not support the junior members who joined the forum recently and give you positive evaluations and help them in progress and knowledge. I have not seen any of the senior members in the forum guide the beginners. Please give everyone a heart, evaluation and assistance. Thank you ♥ ️ 💚
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    Hello everyone and hope u are all doing well , So dear my question is that why should we create topics and why topic are so important because I have read the many post regarding to the creation of topics and their are evaluating the value and importance of topics so why it is so ?
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    Hi friends I signed up in this forum recently after being invited by friends, and it is very interesting and contains a lot of information. I am wondering what skills are initially required to use this forum?
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    All new members remind that, if you are following rule and regulations. You are posting continuesly and achiving target. If you done your 100 posts, you wanted to add you yobit account that has more benifit for you. When you start 100 and above post you will get your earning points. You will be able to withdraw them. Wish you best of luck.
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    This is important topic I will like to raise for members of this platform especially for newbies. Among the things that make you earn less are: Lack of determination Lack of focus Not devoting time to the platform. If all what I listed is maintained and follow by members,you will surely have chance to learn and earn alot easily. Thanks to you all.
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    Hello dear colleagues, as the title of this publication says, do not miss your daily appointment to this great forum called Cryptotalk, for example, for me it is not a problem to find two hours every day to enter this great forum as a passionate about technology and about all of the cryptocurrencies for me personally it is no effort to participate every day in this great community since I spent a few hours every day very pleasant getting information A big greeting to the whole community
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    Being a new user how to know how to work this page without any experience? I have some doubts, and without help sometimes it is complicated to do the work, do you think it is still possible to receive a good bonus? I think there should be a tip when entering beyond the rules in order to have a proper orientation.
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    After crypto talk team disabled talk token payment for giving ratings, no one is ready to give rating for free. What is the treatment of such behaviour? Payments have been decreased to bottom. Working here looks to be useless. 😔 I am tired 😭
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    It is common for us human beings that on certain occasions we find ourselves depressed or in a very low mood or otherwise that we find ourselves happy and with high moods. I would like to know how and in what way your mood influences the performance of your work at Cryptotalk? I would also like to hear guidance from the most expert here, on how to handle this type of situation. Thanks for helping!
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    All of the member should read this topic. I just want you to remind about posting topics here. Please don't waste your time with posting false information about your experience in crypto or false information about cryptos. This is very useless for you because you can't earn from it, why? Because moderators are always active in this forum, if they found your post is not true and you are just made it to gain reputation points or to fulfill your 30 posts per day posts, they will just delete it immediate so it means it is just a waste of time for you. Moderators could also give you warning point for posting false information so please help yourself to become successful. We're always here to help each other so help yourself too because all of us here wanted to be successful in cryptos. If you agree with me give this topic a heart react, thanks.
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    My dear friend i want to tell you the main reason why most of members are banning these days.The Main reason are Most members are posting in the beginner section only and i want to tell them the administrators are active in this forum.If your comment or topic is not useful then you will receive a warning point or you will be banned by the administrator. Many members are been banning because of using spinners.I want to tell you that the forum is too strict so do not think to cheat the forum in a dream.and do not use the spinners to change the content. And most of the members are making fake accounts for the cheat rating. These are the three points which i think that these points are the most important points. If you like my content Then please gave me a like.
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    I just want to ask if its okay if i'm promoting this forum to some of my friend and to my family? They said they wanted to earn money in crypto currency too so i recommend this forum to them. Is it okay or is it prohibited? I just want to help them on how to start properly in crypto and i think this forum could help them from it.
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    Dear friends i want you all to know that success is not the key to happiness happiness is the key to success if you love what you are doing you will be successful And i want you all to reply to this in your own words THANK YOU 😊
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    Hi guys Am still a bigginer(newbie) and I don't really have experience and ideas on how to participate please you should give me some tips that I will make a great reputation so that I will feel courageous to participate in this forum and to guide me in order to be successful in this platform
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    I have seen a lot of members who see the posts and accounts of the senior members and they got jealous that they should also have that kind of accounts and they should own those posts that go to the hot topic. I think that we should just try to focus on our goals and we should try to make ourselves more comfortable we should not try to compare ourselves with anyone it is possible that we are better than them in many ways. So we should just focus on our work instead of comparing ourself with that people who are high than us.
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    I want to ask to all of my friends on this forum to make your all informative topics in simple and easy words. Don't use typical or difficult language. It will be benefited to all members. If your heart allow you give me heart reaction. ❤
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    Dear reader, this matter depends on you and the field in which you work. Some people choose to work in marketing products through the Internet with experience and the passage of time. You can achieve thousands of dollars per month and also unlike those who decided on the opinion poll sites. Also, it is difficult to exceed hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.
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    Dear mates i want to tell you that most of the people work here for money 'IF MONEY IS YOUR HOPE FOR INDEPENDENCE YOU WILL NEVER HAVE IT. THE ONLY REAL SECURITY THAT A MAN WILL HAVE IN THIS WORLD IS A RESERVE OF KNOWLEDGE ,EXPERIENCE, AND ABILITY. And i request all of you to write in your own wording and to not break any rules while posting and give a like to support and motivate. Thank You😊😊😇😊
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    My dears Mates❤ I want to ask you what are the AIM for your 2021 and which achievement you want to achieve this year Because everyone will have a good plan for 2021 in their heart and they are thinking that as soon as the new year starts we will work for our achievement and work hard and achieve our aim. I also have a plane this year that I will work online and work hard on this platform, which will give me good payment and improve my English as well.
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    Hi there my friends ,i'm a brand new member on this platform .Can u please assist me to know the earning method in this web page ,even though I got here right here to analyze many element ,acquire a number of information and to benefit a few studies .However after all I also need to make a few money .So it's why can u assist to recognise the earning method ,even though i've heard a lot of things approximately this platform .I joined here the previous day ,so I want a few assist from all of u . please give me a suggestion.
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    Dear members newbies, before all, you are welcome to our Cryptotalk community and I hope you will stay here for a long time! I'm interesting to know your opinion about, how do you find Cryptotalk? For you doing a post here on this forum, is easy or hard?... Are you satisfied about the 10 Talk token per post?... What are you doing with your Talk token?... Are you using Investbox to hold your Talk token? Or selling your Talk token every day?... You are welcome with your participation and opinions...
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    so, I Am New Here! this thing everyone needs to know, I am new and where to take the start ? As It Is A new platform for everyone and there are limits too, I want people, new Commers To Chose only the option in which the are interested , I will benefit you in, You will do whatever you like to do , So you will mever get Bored What You can chose ? Motivation KNOWLEDGE TEACHING Anything Else which suits You...!!! And what can you do is just keep on posting....and wait till the limit is reached and you are All set to Go..!!! thanks for reading...!!!
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    I see that if you have the good post and goes viral then you become famous. There are many user they cannot known about more about cryptotalk they only for earning purpose that is why cannot earn more reputation If you want to getting good reputation then you try hard and getting all the information about cryptotalk and its forum then you will also success.
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    Many new members are joining the forum day by day. But they don't read any rules and pinned topics properly. As a result, they make a lot of mistakes. And eventually they are banned. And for them I will share some tips today. If they follow my tips they will stay away from warning points.😎 Some Tips Follow Everyone : 1.Don't copy or paste: Many members of the forum make this mistake. As a result, they are banned. Newcomers should never make these mistakes. Because copying someone else's post is forbidden in the forum. So you will be aware of this. 2.Don't Spam: There are many who repeat the same topic over and over again. This is called double post spam. So no one will make such mistakes. 3. Don't cheating: Many members cheat in the forum. They copy one line from another's post and another line from another's post. Anyone who posts in this way is called a cheater. Again many copy from blogs. So don't make such a mistake. If you make such a mistake, you will be banned. 4.Don't rating cheat: Many people abuse to get ratings. If someone has abused the rating, he will be cheating. And those who cheat to get a rating are banned So you have to be careful 5. Don't useless post : Those who post inferior on the forum will one day be banned. Because it is forbidden to post low quality in the forum. You need to post good quality and relevant topics. And must be posted by more than 100 characters. Cryptotalk all member wellcome🤩
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    Hi friends, Let's make this clear my friends! The forum have been updated and now we get paid with new tokens, but we will not be paid for any day unless we have rates/ reputations. Now here is the problem, many members here in the forum were only writing comments and not topics. It was not a problem, because we were paid only for posts but now we must have rates too so we can get paid! This means many members from now they will start to write many topics so that they can never miss payments because they will get rates with their topics. It's not bad to write topics, but we have to very careful when we need to write topics! There are some simple mistakes that will make your topic to be deleted, or you may receive a warning point when your topic will have large mistakes. For all newbies and all other members who don't have good experience in writing topics, here is the link for the general rules where you will read all rules about; General rules about the forum Posting rules Rules for publishing new topics ***** Signature and avatar rules
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    I want to share my little understanding on essential skills needed for reading. Some of us think reading is easy and simple or straightforward task but in reality reading is complex. There's six essential skills needed to a master and successful reading 1. Decoding 2. Fluency 3. Vocabulary building 4. Good sentence construction 5. Knowledge 6. Attention and working memory, I think for us to be successful in this forum we need all this skills to achieve our aims and objectives, to understand how to make contributions in this forum one needs to acquire this skills and work with them for the progress of the forum and benefits of the members.
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    When you start work on cryptotalk you have to know English correctly and make sure you just answer that question not other questions answer..you must follow some rules that's better for you and that will always safe your account
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    Since recently a huge number of investing platforms created I felt that it was needed to give a little warning to those that are new to crypto or investing area, first of all you have to remember that any platforms that promises to give you a big return in a short period of time is scam until proven otherwise. Obviously 10% a day is not achievable so don't fall for those returns, in addition to that only invest in platforms that are trustworthy and have a certain good reputation, for example any investing opportunity provided by known exchanges like Binance, kucoin, Yobit or other known exchanges can be trusted so try to stick to them for investing instead of some random investing platform that you just found on twitter or something. One other important thing is to always keep in mind that the coin that you choose to hold and invest on unless it's a stable coin can have a drop and decrease in price in that period of time that you are invested in it so either just invest in stable coins or do your own due diligence and pick the best investing opportunity not necessarily the highest return.
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    This post is for new members who were not in the previous campaign All new members wonder how to get a reputation (+5)? What is the ideal way to create the topic without breaking the rules of the forum, so I hope everyone read these steps and benefit from them: 1- The post should talk about cryptography and cryptocurrencies 2- Choose the appropriate subject in the appropriate section, for example: (mining in the mining department exclusively) 3_ Participate in the English language in the English section and do a spelling check to make sure that it is free from errors 4- The participation should contain simple questions to allow for discussion and exchange of experiences between members 5- Stay away from incomprehensible words 6- Take advantage of the search button to ensure that participation is not repeated by other members I wish success to all new friends
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    Hello my dear colleagues ladies and gentleman. As a member of this forum what and what are you learning or achieving every day as a new things. Today I have I learned a lot in this forum and one of them is FORUM STATISTICS. which I have never notice.
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    I am a new member of this forum. I don't know how working in this forum will make it possible to reach a good place in the forum. So those who are senior members will help me with feedback to get to a better position.
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    Hello mates. Hope this meets you well. I want to write on a very serious issue and that is the issue of scarce new topics, sometimes I feel as if we have nothing new to write about in this platform, all the posts I see are those made some months ago, I rearly see new topics. So I want to challenge the members to look deep into there selves to challenge themselves to make a new topic everyday. I think that is the only way we will see new topics in the forum.
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    I have knowledge from seniors and non-seniors. I mean I couldn’t make 100 posts in this forum, we know a maximum of 20 posts can be made every day. So in the new situation my friend has posted 30/40 every day. And these have been calculated. I did 26 posts yesterday but my 20 have been counted. How do I know this? Share what happened to someone!
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    Is it important for many comments on the topic to be good, or should it be evaluated well? I do not understand how the post is good. Thank you
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    Hi friends I have found where the button located on clicking we can find all the unread topics. Scroll down at the bottom of each section in the right corner you can find there two options no. 1 is * unread content . no. 2 Mark site read.you have to click on unread content. Here you can found all unread topics in the same list there. If you fine my post useful make me smile with 💟 thank you.
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    I would like to help the beginners to how to get positive rankings on this forum. In my opinion you have to create unique posts.
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    Здравствуйте форумчане. Возникла у меня идея приобрести TALK на сумму примерно 10 тысяч рублей. Цель - инвестировать в InvestBox под 1% в день. Курс TALK сейчас довольно стабильный, да и админы форума не должны его опустить. Инвестирую TALK от сообщений на форуме, решил подумать о покупке монеты. Как вам такая идея? TALK стабильная монета?
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    I have some confusion that can we react on two posts in single topic. Please guide me that if I see more useful posts in one topic. Can I give two reaction on a single topic . Please guide me. ❤️
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    As we all know in everything the first step is always the hardest, when you start creating topics and your topics get deleted. Don't feel discourage and think of giving up, because those who you see today as good topics writers, had created numerous topics and got deleted more than you think. Who knows you might be the best! So Learn from your failures, disappointments, and prepare to move on to win the battle. My brother/sister there is no success without hardship... (Sophocles)
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    Good day all members of this forum. Am newbies and I want members to guide me. After I completed my first 100 trial posts the next is 20 posts par day. When I gathered this money and to to know the best time to withdraw it to my personal bank. Your response is highly needed and will be appreciated. Thanks as you contribute to this.
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    Dear mates in crypto talk. Just relax and make your mood happy and comfortable. Because this forum is not a burden but a platform to learn and earn. I said it because most of us comes to this platform like ' oh we have to make 20 posts this day' . Don't think like that just take crypto as a platform of happiness.
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    Hifriends I want to suggest you Go ahead to you sucsess , your reputation and also your ranks slowly and effectively. Don't hurry up to get reputation especially. You can easily get reputation if you just focus on your work and make your posted more effective your reputation will increase automatically. I also suggest you if you can,t complete 30 posts easily make less than 30 but make usful as much you make. give me heart reaction if you like my post
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    Hello friends, it has been mine for me for some time now, and I have been working on this site and earning money without any problem. But since yesterday I have been trying to transfer the money that I earned to my investment fund in Yobit, but the matter is not implemented. Do you have any solution to this problem?
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    This is why we must continue rating, Hi everyone, as the last few weeks the forum management has been trying so hard, putting in a lot of effort to remove low quality and poor content, they have also been able to remove 400 suspected cheaters, according to one of the moderators but the truth is there has been another problem that might be looming. The forum has deactivated the rating system and this has brought in the consequence that there will be no talk tokens for ratings, so the 50 talk tokens that we used to get daily has been removed, this is to remove those who are cheating from the system and I think thats a pretty good idea, its also important that this would maitain the price of talk token in a very high value , we hoping that it would continue, and if you have not cheated then you have nothing to worry about. My worry would be, because now there is no pay to rating, that people will lose the interest of rating others, and this is really wrong, for some reason we must continue rating ,, this is to make sure that you are able to find people who rate your content , this will also be a cation to those who still need policing, also , for those who focus is payment, you still need rating to get your pay so its important we should continue rating and also continue to weed out those who are corrupt and make sure that we are also able to make sure that we dont lose ourselves to the cheaters, because I do believe, like those countries which were banned from the forum , there are innocent people who fell in the axe of the moderator, we need to continue policing those who are misusing the forum . Thank you people and have a beutiful week ahead. 🙂
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